Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Child Bite's "Vision Crimes" Release Show

This Saturday, December 15th, Child Bite is unleashing its new 10" “Vision Crimes” onto the world. They are playing a show at The Old Miami to unleash their new material to the world. This album is the follow up/counterpart to their album they released earlier this year called “Monomania”. Both records were released on Joyful Noise Records. For the release show, Child Bite is performing along with HauntedHouse, Absolutely Free and Reverend.

This is Absolutely Free's debut show in Michigan. They are 4/5ths of the former band DD/MM/YYYY. Moshe from Absolutely Free played drums on Child Bites last release “Monomania” and they wanted to bring them here to show you want they can do.

HauntedHouse is a band that we are very excited to introduce to our readers. Christie first fell in love with them when they performed on The Spotlight for TV Warren and has been ranting and raving about them ever since. There are former members of bands such as Short Of First and Deastro in this line up and I know that they can write and play music. So I am excited to see what they are doing with this new super group.

Saturday's show will cost you $10 to get in and it is a 21+ event. But, that $10 will get you a copy of the new record too. If you know anything about Child Bite, you know that the art that they use for their records and t-shirts is the best around. Member Shawn Knight makes one of kind designs that are almost too pretty to put onto your record player. This record will be no exception! All of the albums are hand crafted and there are only 500 available. This new record also comes in two colors; you can choose from diseased egg or bloody feces. Such sexy names!

Check out our old interview with Child Bite below and make sure to come out and get a copy of the new 10" while seeing some great bands perform. Plus if you're tuff enough to brave the cold you could always go outside and hula hoop in the backyard of The Old Miami. I do that every time I'm there and make an ass out of myself. It's fun!



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