Friday, December 14, 2012

The Business at Small's This Weekend

After 30 years of bullshit, punk rock and controversy, The Business return to Michigan to unload their brand of Punk Rock at Small's this Saturday December 14th.  
These working class heroes from South London have been singing about European football, factory life blues, drinking and driving and their motorbikes since 1979 and show no signs of stopping anytime soon.  

The Business changed music forever with their album “Suburban Rebels.” They were very influential in the “Oi!” punk rock movement of the late 70’s early 80’s. In recent history, their song “England 5- Germany 1” became an anthem for German Football fans to scream out during matches and in pubs across England. They have released 12 studio albums in total and have been on many different labels over the years including Epitaph at its peak. They are also included in a countless amount of compilations that were put out from the years 1980-2010. Their career and influence is incredible. The best part is that unlike most bands they are still touring and still putting out great music.

They have teamed up with S.N.A.F.U., Suicide By Cop and The Arrogant Bastards for a super cheap show, $10 in advance and $12 at the door. This week you can see them in person and see the history of punk rock right before your eyes. Small's will be opening its doors at 8 p.m. and all ages are welcome. It’s time to get out and celebrate punk rock at its roots.


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