Friday, December 21, 2012

Another Chance to Win Tickets to Black Christmas!

Two weeks from now twenty seven of Detroit’s biggest bands are going to be playing under the same roof to celebrate Black Christmas. Black Iris Booking has gone out of their way to book one of the biggest shows of the year. Friday, December 28th The Magic Stick, Majestic Theatre, Magic Stick Lounge and the Garden Bowl will have bands playing from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. If you purchase a ticket to this event you will have access to all of the bands in all three rooms. It is basically four different shows for the price of one! Tickets are $20 for the first 500 pre-sale tickets sold, $22 for pre-sale once those sell out and $25 at the door the night of the show. It can save you up to $5 to buy your ticket in advance. Of course we want to do even better than $20; we want to get you and a friend in for free. Each Friday we will be featuring a few of the bands that are playing the Black Christmas show. You can check out that feature and then either tweet us on twitter @hipindetroit or tag us on instagram @hipindetroit. You must use the hashtags listed in that week’s article to win the prize.

Nice Hooves:
This band has just hit the Detroit scene this past year, but one of my favorite vocalists is in the band so they immediately caught our attention. Everyone keeps asking for a Bang Bang reunion. How about instead of yearning for the past, you embrace the future and check out how far Dave Graw has come in the last 10 years. You think he was an epic front man then, just wait. They even put out their first video about a month ago. This is one band whose set you will not want to miss because people will definitely be talking about it later.

Spick of it All:
From Amado - The idea of Spick of it All started around 1993, but didn't play their first show until 2006. Spick of it All are Tony Barragan (Parka Kings, Telegraph, Exceptions), Big Carlos (Replicas, Weed Nap), Little Carlos (Imp Villians, Voice of Anger), Marcus Villareal (x- Louder Than Bombs) and Amado Florencio Guadarrama Perea Gutierrez Mendoza III (Bill Bondsmen, Bump-n-Uglies) Spick of it All will take punk and hardcore classics, change them up a bit, throw some cilantro on them and serve them to you with perfect mexicution. Spick of it All provides lyrics sheets at most shows to help with the sing along; this next one won't be an exception. Contrary to popular belief, Spick of it All didn't pick up their newest bass player at a Home Depot parking lot, though one of their bass players did end up getting deported (true story). Spick of it All are MexiCANs, not MexiCAN'TSEnd of the day: Spick of it All wants to party till your uncles start fighting and then hugging.....Mexico style.

Break Anchor:
Break Anchor is one of our favorite local bands. When we watch them play live we remember why we first fell in love with singer Jay Navarro, there is no one who fronts a band like him. We have followed his career through the years including Jack Kevorkian and the Suicide Machines, Hellmouth, Cleons Down and of course The Suicide Machines. We always have a great time at a Break Anchor show; the music is upbeat and solid. Chris Golan, Kyle and Dan all jump around, sing along, and in general draw you into the performance so that you have a good time while they play. Check out our interview with Jay earlier this year at The Loving Touch. He talks about his past, present and future.

Golden Torso:
This band is known for two things, putting on a great show and taking their shirts off. The are self described as 3 chubby dudes and one little man, but we describe them as a band that kills it live and knows how to shred on guitar. We caught up with them a few months ago at Small's. Check out the interview here:

This week’s hashtags will be #BlackIrisBooking #HipInDetroit # BlackChristmas #MagicStick #NiceHooves @SpickOfItAll #GoldenTorso #BreakAnchor

Here's a  complete list of the bands playing Black Christmas: The Suicide Machines, Mustard Plug, Koffin Kats, Continental, Kid Brother Collective, The Swellers, We Are The Union, Few & Far Between, Break Anchor, The A-Gang, Common Enemy, Golden Torso, P.T.'s Revenge, Snakewing, Louder Than Bombs, All Eyes West, Down Down Down, Still Alive, Slo Poke, The Black List, DGR/DWN, Arm Your Enemy, Nice Hooves, Seized Up, The Mizzerables, Wrist Rocket and Spick Of It All

Tickets are available for purchase at or at the Garden Bowl free of services charges. Get yours now! The second winner will be announced Thursday December 27th, so make sure to enter as soon as you are done reading this article!


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