Wednesday, October 3, 2018

TROUT Releases Their Debut LP Friday Night

Whether you're a fan of metal, punk, rock, or just music in general, we guarantee you will like Trout. It seems like everyone that sees this band live walks away a fan. If you're not familiar with Trout, it is a three piece band that is a little bluesy, and some say they're even a little bit country, but overall, they're mainly just rock and roll. The band features Pete Geloso on vocals and guitar, Kyle Grawbarger on bass, and Kyle Shelest on drums.

This Friday night, the trio is celebrating the release of their first LP. The self titled album is being released on vinyl by Rouge Records, but is already available for streaming. Hit play below then read ahead to see what front man Pete Geloso had to say about the band, the new album, and the release show.

HID- How would you describe Trout to someone that has never heard you guys before?
Pete Geloso- "It’s a rock band with very heavy blues and soul influence. People tend to say sometimes we have a country rock sound and I can see that with some of our tunes."

HID- Who are your biggest musical influences as a band?
Pete- "Kyle (Grawbarger) and I have been pals and musical partners for years now. After Grand Junction, we started to lean toward heavier music with a lot of blues influence. Bands such as Taste, Humble Pie, Blue Cheer, and just about any 70s power trio you can muster."

HID- You have a pretty amazing voice! Actually, the first time I saw you on stage, I was shocked to when I heard you start singing. (In a good way, of course.) Who are your biggest influences as a singer? 
Pete- (smiles and blushes) "My main influences vocally from the get go have always been Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Paul Rogers, and Elton John. And as of recent years, I must add Steve Marriott. Perhaps the greatest rock n roll singer ever."

HID- Tell us about the new record! Where did you record it? How long have you been working on these songs? Do you guys write the songs together or does one person do most of the writing?
Pete- "We recorded it at Hamtramck Sound Studio with Adam Cox. Working there is an absolute pleasure and I highly recommend Adam to everyone in the area. I go to the band with the song pretty much completed and Kyle and Kyle complete it by adding the rhythm. Kyle Shelest is not only a bad ass drummer, but he has been clutch in helping out with arrangement on quite a few of these tunes. I wrote all but one song on the record. Some of them I’ve had for a couple years prior to starting Trout in late 2016, some came within the past year and a half. It feels good to finally release a full length album of music that the guys and I have worked hard on. This is the first full length album any of us have played in front to back. Very exciting stuff!"

HID- Why should everyone come out to the release show this Friday night?
Pete- "I can think of quite a few reasons why. It’s a celebration of putting out that first album. We have some faithful friends that enjoy the music and we’ve gained a bit of a following in the area. We’re gonna be two years old as a band in December. And in that two years, this will be our second show we’ve ever headlined and we are in good fucking company when it comes to having Duende, Dude, and Jackson and the Poolsharks on the bill with us. Not to mention, we have Anthony and Al from Heavy and Beyond spinning tunes all night. Trout will be hitting the stage probably around midnight which means October 5th turns into October 6th which happens to be my 24th birthday."

HID- What's next for Trout?
Pete- "We have a couple not so local shows in the works. Other than that, we would like to start working on new material. We’ve been playing these tunes for a long while now and it’s time to start writing for the next record which will eventually happen!"

Trout's LP Release show is this Friday, October 5th at The Sanctuary. Doors are set to open at 8 p.m. and Jackson & The Poolsharks will be kicking off the show. As Pete mentioned, Duende and DUDE are also on the bill, and the Heavy & Beyond dudes will be playing tunes throughout the night. Cover to see this great lineup live is only $7. So make sure you get there early and stay late! We guarantee this is going to be an awesome show from start to finish.


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