Monday, October 29, 2018

Here's Everything You Can Still Do To Celebrate Halloween

Sadie Gaga at Creepy Cheapy 2018 - Photo taken by Trevor Dernai
Sure, some of the big events like Theatre Bizarre and Creepy Cheapy might be over, but there are still lots of cool ways that you can celebrate the spookiest time of the year this week! Here is a list of everything that we found for you to do this week!

10/29 Slow Jamz 10 Year Anniversary and Halloween Party 

10/29 GWAR at St. Andrew's Hall

10/29 Scaryoke Karaoke Costume Party @ Small's

10/29 A Reading of Shakespheres Titus Andronicus at The Whitney in the Ghost Bar

10/30 Devil's Night Karaoke at Deluxx Fluxx 

10/30 Rocky Horror Picture Show at Cinema Detroit

10/30 Haunted Detroit Bicycle Tour

10/30 Devil's Night New Menu Debut at Greenspace Vegan Cafe and Restaurant 

10/31 Bat Town @ Deluxx Fluxx

10/31 Halloween Tribute Show at Ghost Light

10/31 Halloween Iron Pour

10/31 Hallowicked featuring ICP at The Russel Industrial Center 

10/31 Outer Limits Lounge First Halloween Cover Show

10/31 Rocky Horror Review at Willis Show Bar 

10/31 Fright Night Pop Up Party 

10/31 Halloween at the Pink Flamingo 

10/31 Halloween Rooftop Yoga at The Ren Cen 

10/31 Halloween at The EMBC

10/31 3rd Street Freak Show Halloween Party 

10/31 Corktown Tavern Halloween Party 

10/31 Nosferatu with Live Music

10/31 Halloween Cookie Decorating at The Avalon 

10/31 Halloween All Star Showdown at Go Comedy 

11/2 Affirmations Birthday Bash and Halloween Party 


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