Thursday, January 14, 2016

Radio Burns Releases Two Albums This Weekend Before They Call It Quits

This Saturday night Radio Burns will be taking over the Painted Lady Lounge in Hamtramck to hold their album release show! Actually, it's a double album release show! It's no secret that we think that this is one of the most rockin' bands in Detroit. We were lucky enough to have them play our anniversary show last year and try to catch them pretty much every time they play live. Well, if you haven't seen them yet, this is sadly one of the last chances that you have. Even though the band is celebrating the release of two new 7"s, this is also their second to last show. We caught up with the front man to the band, John Salvage, to get the scoop on the release show and to find out what's next for the guys in Radio Burns. 

HID- For our readers that aren't familiar with Radio Burns, describe your band in four words or less. 
John Salvage- "Prettyyyy, pretty good band!"

HID- How did you guys meet and why did you decide to start playing music together?
JS- "Steve Nawara set me and Lloyd up to do a Beehive single together. I brought Cicchetti in afterwards. He wore a very questionable leather jacket to that practice as I recall. We booked a show after a few months of practicing and Cicchetti got Royce to play as we needed a bassist, and we just never bothered to look for anybody else after that. We never told him he was in the band though either, now that I think about it."

HID- Even though you guys have been a band for a while, you never really released a physical album until now. And now you're releasing two at once! Why did you decide to release two 7”? 
JS- "These two 7"s have actually been in the works for a pretty long time and it was purely circumstance that they both got released at the same time-which is pretty alright! Makes us look ambitious."

HID- So you hinted on the Facebook event page that this is one of Radio Burns' last shows. What's the deal?
JS- "This is true. We got one more after this which will be at the Hamtramck Music Festival. We're all totally good with each other, just time has come to move on. And with the 7's coming out it seems appropriate."

HID- Do you plan on continuing to play music?
JS- "Of course! And a whole lot of other stuff. Lloyd's not just the best drummer in the area but he also is a fucking sweet media/video director. If anyone reading this needs something of the like done, get a hold of him. He just finished up on the Choke Chains video "Safe World", and was behind the badass Human Eye video "Gettin' Mean". Cicchetti has been playing in another act name Racehorses Are Resources who have already done quite well in the art community. He is also continuously recording his own material. Royce just passed the bar exam and became a bona fide lawyer! So if anyone needs a good defense attorney there's your guy. I'm back playing in Mexican Knives and got something in the works for a new band once Radio Burns is done."

HID- Since this is one of your last shows, in your book what is your favorite Radio Burns show to date?
JS- "Metro Times Blowout 2015 at PLAV Post #10. The week before we played the same venue for Hamtramck Music Festival and the place was packed. When we played the same room for Blowout we had about 5 people in the audience, and they were all employees."

HID-Alright, now that we have the serious stuff out of the way...
What's your favorite band in Detroit right now? 
JS- "Duane the Brand New Dog"

HID-Favorite band of all time?
JS- "The Clash, because they were the only band that fucking matters"

HID-Favorite bar?
JS- "Painted Lady"

HID- Best restaurant?
JS- "Checkers drive-thru"

HID- Drink of choice?
JS- "Free"

HID- If you could sing like anyone in the entire world, who would you want to sound like?
JS- "Julee Cruise"

HID- Kiss, Marry, Kill... Nick, Royce and Nick. Who gets what?
JS- "Kiss Royce to feel those supple attorney lips, marry Lloyd so we can really get down to what kind of relationship we have, and kill Cicchetti because if I can't have him than no one will."

HID- Give us three reasons everyone should come to the Painted Lady this weekend.
JS- "We'll probably screw up at least three times and I'm sure they'll all be don't wanna miss it entertainment."

Doors open at 9 p.m. this Saturday and the music is set to start at 10 p.m. Joining Radio Burns for the night are Eroders and Tin Foil. For more details on the show, head over to the Facebook event page here. To listen to Radio Burns' new releases online, click here


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