Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Do You Want to Know Secret, Do You Promise Not to Tell?

Secret Friends Fest is returning to The Loving Touch for the third year in  a row. The event features two days of music on two stages. This year's lineup includes some great bands, including Tart, The Erers, Prude Boys, Deadbeat Beat and Mile High Club from L.A. All ages are welcome to come out for this one. Weekend passes are available for $16 in advance here, you can also buy tickets at the door for $10 a night.

SFF has a reputation for showcasing up and comers, their tag line is come meet your new favorite band. This year's lineup mixes established bands from across the US and Canada with some up and comers to give concert goers a full taste of the musical rainbow.

Main:12:45 - Tart

11:30 -Heaters
10:30 - The Erers

8:30 - The Idiot kids

12:15 - Prude boys
11 - CATL (Toronto)

10 - Leggy (Cincinnati)
9 - Junk Food Junkies

12:30 - Mild High Club (Los Angeles)
11:30 - Grand Analog (Toronto)
10:30 - TBA
9:30 - The Deadly Vipers
8:30 - Heaven's Gateway Drugs (Fort Wayne)
7:30 - Rogue Satellites

12 - Deadbeat Beat
11 - Friendly Faux (Columbus)
10 - Bummers (Columbus)
9 - Five Pound Snap
8 - Human Skull
7 - Minihorse


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