Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's Time to Send Someone a Dick Pick

I am a sucker for a silly gift, especially when it's actually useful. For instance, have you ever read the reviews for the banana slicer on Amazon? After learning about it I had to order one as a stocking stuffer and I still giggle every time I use it because at the end of the day it was funny yet practical. I got the same giggle when I learned about Dick Picks, the safe way to send a "dick pic". When you send a dick pick instead of a dick pic you don't have to worry about cloud hacks or revenge nudes. The only thing you will have to worry about is laughing and making music.

Dick Picks are the brainchild of local rocker and registered bad ass Rachel May. Rachel is no stranger to rock and roll. She is one third of Detroit's own Broadzilla, one half of Hard Edge Radio, and one of the best guitar players and singers this town has ever seen. Dick Picks are her latest venture. Sure, they're practical, but they are also a really fun way to make someone laugh. Admit it, you would actually smile if you got a Dick Pick, you can't always say that about getting dick pics!
I had a chance to interview Rachel to learn more about the creation of Dick Picks. Check out what she had to say and visit the website to send a Dick Pick to someone special!

HID- How the hell did you come up with the idea for Dick Picks?
Rachel May- "Funny story. At a band rehearsal in September 2015, a handmade guitar pick was passed around with the word dick written in sharpie. After a few initial laughs, the light bulb went off. I knew right away that if someone hadn't already done this, I would have to make it a reality. I barely slept that night. My mind swirled with ideas.

It's obviously a play on what's become so common in today's dating world: man meets someone he likes, man gets phone number, man sends dick pick. It may not always be that black and white but essentially, plenty of people have been the recipient of a dickture at least once in their lives. Whether this horrifies you or excites you isn't for me to judge. I just think it's incredibly funny to put the word Dick on a guitar pick and hand it to someone."

HID- Can you actually use these to play guitar or are they just for laughs?
Rachel May- "Both, actually. They are playable heavy gauge (.96mm) celluloid guitar picks. I think that's what's interesting about them is that while they are playable guitar picks and a hoot to throw out to the crowd, there's also the angle where it's funny for women or men just to hand one to someone. It's a great way to break the ice."

HID- Who came up with the package design and where did you get the product made?
Rachel May- "The initial idea was just to make guitar picks with the word dick in a simple font. I didn't want anything phallic associated with it, I didn't want anything offensive associated with it, just the word dick. I thought that was the most provocative and professional way to do this. It stimulates conversation without being offensive.

As I began researching the packaging and manufacturing, the ideas started to flow and it made most sense to do a six pack of picks with different fonts like you see in my debut line. I don't consider myself a designer but I do have a very creative thought process. I could see in my own mind how I thought this should go soI figured I'd at least give the design a stab on my own. I researched and played around with a variety of fonts and colors before settling on the final designs.

My manufacturing research led me in many directions, as far as China. I looked at pick manufacturers, packaging supply companies, printing options, etc. but ultimately I settled on a Michigan-based manufacturer, which I couldn't be more thrilled about. I'm using a company based out of Southgate called Pick Guy."

HID- Have you ever come up with your own item to market and sell before? What inspired you to try this?
Rachel May- "The closest I can relate any of this to is the merchandising I've done for Broadzilla over the years. However, this is indeed my first venture with designing, manufacturing and branding for something other than my own band. I was inspired to try this first because I thought it was an incredibly clever idea and while sometimes clever ideas can take a lot of time and money to get off the ground, this was an idea that seemed relatively easy and cost effective to bring to life, so I went for it."

HID- Are more males or females trying to send dick picks so far?
Rachel May- "Great question. I've been monitoring this. So far it's mostly men but I have received requests from women who've suggested I should do a second series with more female-friendly colors (pinks, purples, etc.) so if I decide to expand the brand, that will probably be next in the series. It's really funny reading all the "you should do picks like this" emails. The product can go in a lot of directions, should the demand continue."

HID- Where will we be able to buy dick picks?
Rachel May- "You can buy them now online via my website: They retail for $5.99 plus shipping and are sold in packs of six, with a different design on each of the six picks. They're also available for purchase at UHF Records and Elphie Elora in Royal Oak and at Rock City Music in Livonia. I'm hoping to have a vendor booth at some of the local summer festivals."

HID- What is the appropriate way to respond if someone sends you a Dick Pick?
Rachel May- "Well, I'd hope that you would smile. After all, that's really what this is about. It's light-hearted fun, a great way to get a laugh out of someone and you know, today's dating world is tough so why not put some humor into your pickup line."

HID- Do you think that you will expand the brand at some point?
Rachel May- "I'd like to. There's so many directions that this can go: different pick gauges, different font designs, different colors, big dick picks, little dick picks, etc. I figured I'd start with one simple packaging design and see where it goes. You can never have too many dick picks ;)"



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  2. I went out and bought a few packs as soon as they CAME out. I use them on stage and make sure I always have a few Dick Picks in my pocket just in case!