Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide for the Michigan Man

In the past, it was difficult for me to surprise the men in my life with their holiday gifts. My dad is the kind of guy who wants nothing more than to watch Michigan football and do sudoku; my father-in-law never stops moving between work, hockey, and golf; and my husband has loads of hobbies and a love for boudoir photography. It may sound cliche, but shopping locally has become an easy way for me to find them unique presents that reflect their interests without being patronizing (I’m pretty sure my dad has enough University of Michigan pint glasses).

Between The Rust Belt Market and annual events like the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, Michiganders are surrounded by opportunities to buy original handmade goods. Below is just a sampling of gifts I have given over the last few years that have resulted in genuine gratitude. Editor’s Note: most vendors listed have local storefronts for those shoppers on a deadline!

Original Stix iPhone Cases
Broken game-used hockey sticks find new purpose as Original Stix iPhone cases, which can be customized by color and stick brand. Cases fit iPhone 5/5s, 6 and 6s, and sell for $39.99. Original Stix products can be purchased online or at a local retailer

Cyberoptix Tie Lab Neckwear & Accessories
Cyberoptix beautiful screen printed ties, bowties, ascots, and pocket squares complement any ensemble. Go online to personalize the color, material (silk, microfiber, and more), and design, or visit a local retailer to browse in person. Part of their “Ties to Detroit” collection, the Detroit River & Marina Map Silk Necktie retails for $45.
The Detroit River & Marina Map Silk Necktie
by Cyberoptix Tie Lab, $45

Speedcult Metal Signs
A Speedcult metal sign is the perfect addition for any gearhead’s garage or basement. Gift-givers can also choose from categories like booze, pin-ups, and monsters. Check them out at the Rust Belt Market during their extended holiday hours.

Over Rocks Whiskey Stones
Winter concoctions like wassail, hot buttered rum, and Irish coffee can all benefit from whiskey stones. The stones can be heated in the microwave to keep hot drinks hot, or chilled in the freezer to keep liquor cool without the diluting effects of ice. Over Rocks is currently running a holiday special for a set of 12 whiskey soapstones for only $27.
Over Rocks Set of 12 Whiskey Stones, $27

Detroit Beard Collective Beard Products 
Soft, coiffed, and lightly scented facial hair is possible with the Detroit Beard Collective. Butters, elixirs, leave-in conditioners, and other accoutrements are made of “natural and organic essential oils” and other high-quality ingredients sourced in the USA. Sold locally at The Berkley Chop Shop and The Savvy Gents in Detroit. Get started with the Papa David Beard Care Set for $54.99.
Papa David Beard Care Set by Detroit Beard Collective, $54.99


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