Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Melt Your Ears at No Rest Fest 2 this Saturday!

I am a fan of all genres of music except new school country. I can get down with almost anything, but to most people's surprise, punk and metal will always be my two favorite genres. In fact, Pantera was my all time favorite band in high school. I love heavy guitars, moshing, and getting weird in a loud room with a bunch of kids wearing black. But, metal ins't the most popular genre anymore so great metal shows aren't as common as they used to be. But, this Saturday No Rest Fest 2 is going to take over Tires to put the heavy back onto music,

This fest boasts a killer lineup of local bands including Nice Hooves, Clear Soul Forces, The Armed, Nolan the Ninja, Mexican Knives, Golden Torso, Marital Vows, Eyesore, SSS, Old Gods, and SNAFU. It will also feature DJ sets from John Stoll and an Andrew WK cover band that will close out the night.
The best part is that with all of these bands playing, it is somehow only $5 to get in the door! On top of that, a lot of the bands are playing for FREE so that they money raised from the event can be donated to Charity Music. Don't say metal never gave back! 

Each band will be playing about a 10 minute set with a little break in-between each band, They are going to keep things heavy and moving! The first 100 people through the door will get a golden tape of the Nice Hooves' new album The Gall. This will be your only chance to get a psychical copy of the album, period. 
Tires also features a skate park, so bring your boards to grind in-between sets! All ages are welcome to come out this Saturday and the fun starts at 8 pm. There will be cheap beer, good music, and fun. See you at the show! 


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