Friday, December 18, 2015

Detroit Must See: Duane The Brand New Dog

A lot of artists are easy to describe, but Duane the Brand New Dog is a little more difficult to explain. He is a 23 year old performance artist that embodies everything good about the '90s, despite only being a small child during them. This Detroit born artist started his career as Duane the Teenage Weirdo, but changed his name before releasing his latest album CD​-​R LP. He was recently featured on the cover of Pride Source magazine, was interviewed by The Free Press, and was flown to Poland to perform for fans that couldn't get enough of him after seeing him open for The Black Lips.

Duane is a graduate of Detroit’s High School for the Fine and Performing Arts and credits Bowie, Prince, and Madonna for shaping his musical ear and his personal style. He has a very unique approach to fashion. He states that he, "love(s) going to the thrift store and getting $5 jackets". And, by "jackets" he means full shoulder pads, Delta Burke style jackets! He also draws a lot of fashion inspiration from none other than The Golden Girls. He's no stranger to pushing people's idea of what someone is supposed to be, which is why he so refreshingly doesn't really fit in any fucking box.

I have been waiting for someone like Duane to come onto the scene. I was eager for something unique and he has given me my fix. I like listening to his new album while I write or work, it puts me in a good mood and it's fun to dance to. Check out his new album here and then head out to Elijah's in Hamtramck tonight to catch him performing with a great lineup that includes our favorite local DJ Eastside Jon.

Check out this teaser video to get a feel for Duane:

This artist is Hip AF!


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