Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Help Chad Nicefield Help Detroit Dog Rescue

This past summer, Ye Olde Saloon in Royal Oak decided to start something new. If their brews, cheap burgers, and pinball machines aren't reason enough to get you in the door, perhaps a familiar face behind the bar is. The neighborhood bar started having guest bartenders serve up drinks every Wednesday. Favorites like Stevie Michael, Ang Kennedy, Jessica Knapik and Shawn Stanton have guest starred, serving up drinks for one night only behind Ye Olde's bar.

Well this Wednesday Ye Olde will once again have a special guest bar tending, and it just so happens to be a good friend of Hip In Detroit. Wilson front man Chad Nicefield will be serving up the drinks tonight, for one night only. We all know that Chad is sort of an expert when it comes to drinking and partying, so we're sure this will be an absolute blast. He joked on social media that he might just end up pouring shots of whiskey for everyone, but we're sure he will manage to crack a beer or two open too. Despite what he may or may not pour for you, it will be a good time and it's for a good cause too. Chad will be donating all of his tips to the Detroit Dog Rescue. This organization is Detroit's first and only no-kill animal shelter in the City. They find dogs homes, raise awareness for our four legged friends, and even help the community through programs like low cost vaccination clinics. Definitely a great organization and we're so happy that Chad is awesome enough to help them out!

So if you also want to help DDR out while having a good time, head to Ye Olde tonight and throw back a few drinks! Chad will be slinging drinks from 7 p.m 'til 2 a.m. Ye Olde Saloon is located at 1023 S. Main Street in Royal Oak. Tip well and make sure you bring some quarters to play pinball too!


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