Monday, December 28, 2015

Win Tickets to Spend New Year's 2016 at the Haute to Death Party Featuring Flint Eastwood

Haute to Death is known for throwing some of the best dance parties Detroit has ever seen. Every third Saturday of the month they take over The Temple Bar in Detroit and make the people dance. This NYE they have teamed up with Flint Eastwood to throw the biggest, most bad ass NYE bash in Detroit!

We asked H2D co-creator Ash Nowak to tell us a little more about the party and she not only offered up the scoop, she also gave us two tickets to give away to one lucky reader for the NYE bash! Check out what she had to say and then make sure to enter to win tickets, we will be announcing the winner the morning of NYE! Ash also included her must have music tracks for 2016, so make sure that you check that out and give her playlist a spin this NYE! 

HID- Why did you decide to team up with Flint Eastwood for the Haute to Death New Year's Party? 
AN- "The song and video release of "Find What You're Looking For" really piqued our interest, so we checked out the listening party at Assemble. There was this palpable, positive energy as soon as we entered the space, and it only swelled with each following track... By the end of the night everyone was dancing to so hard the floor was about to give out, but I had already sent Jax a message half way through, like "look, I know I'm supposed to be paying attention but you have to play this party with us." I couldn't wait to ask.

Small Victories is one of the absolute coolest collection of songs we've heard in a really long time. It's so triumphant and thoughtful, totally dancey, but with a lot of gravity to it. It's the perfect way to say goodbye to the past year and start a new chapter."

HID- Why did you choose the Elizabeth Theater?
AN- "We've been working with Park Bar for most of our special events since NYE 2011, when we find a venue we like, we're loyal to it. I don't remember who tipped us off initially, but when we started it was completely raw. Over the years it's realized itself as a proper theatre for everything comedy shows to Shakespearean plays... It's really a beautiful space, plus Jerry and his staff are some of the best."

HID- What is Haute to Death's New Year's resolution?
AN- "We say this every year, but it's to dance more, which can actually mean a lot of things, you know? We want to work with more people and encourage elevation and creative extensions... We've evolved a lot in the past 8 years, and there are some things we used to do that have maybe fallen out of vogue for us; we'd like to reinvent old habits and come full circle."

HID- What does Haute to Death have planned for 2016?
AN- "2016 is going to be really fun, we're re-instituting the H2D Social Club which popped up at Craft Work last summer (think, the softer side of Haute to Death). We're also relaunching our Emergency Nothing project, which is an arts/music series that takes H2D and other local artists to new venues around the country. We have a few other plans in the works, too- so pay attention!"

HID- What is the attire for this party? Give us an idea of what your perfect party look would be.
AN- "Oh man, this could be anything. Our crowd always looks so good... Honestly though, we're 80s people. I'm not talking about leg warmers and neon, you know, caricature 80s. We're into leather, sequins for no reason, structured pieces, bauhaus minimalism, whatever. Show Up, Look Good, and Dance has always been our mantra. Going out with purpose and presenting the best version of yourself (no matter what that looks like) really heightens the experience. Ideally, we want you to wear something that's sexy in a subtle way... Something nuanced and maybe even a little awkward."

HID- How can someone stay in the loop to learn what's coming up next from H2D?
AN- "We're all over the place, like us on FB ( and listen to us on soundcloud (, but you can also visit our website ( and join our mailing list, we've been sharing lots of fun stuff there lately."

HID- Some people have to stay in and have their own dance parties this New Year's. Can you give us your top ten dance tracks for New Year's for people who cant make it out to the party?
AN- Only 10 is harder than we thought, but here's what we couldn't get enough of this year (old and new!)

Freeeze: I.O.U
Flint Eastwood: Small Victories
Classixx (feat. Nancy Whang): All You're Waiting For
Alexander Robotnik: Problèmes D'Amour
Hot Chip: Hurrache Lights
New Order: Age of Consent
Tunde Olaniran: KYBM
Robyn and La Bagatelle Magique (feat. Maluca): Love is Free
Two Man Sound: Que Tal America
Egyptian Lover: Freak-a-holic

The H2D + Flint Eastwood NYE bash will kick off at 9 p.m. this Thursday. Tickets are $17 in advance, they can be purchased here. There is a very good chance that this event will sell out, so keep that in mind! The Elizabeth Theater at The Park Bar is located at 2040 Park Ave. in Detroit. If you would like to enter to win a pair of tickets courtesy of H2D and Hip, please email your full name to with the subject line #dance. We will draw one lucky winner this Thursday and email them details on how to claim their prize! Cheers!


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