Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Tricycle Collective Helps Families Buy Back Their Homes

In the immortal words of  Madonna, "music makes the people come together".  Music is also a great way to get people to come together for a cause. This Wednesday, September 30th The Tricycle Collective is bringing Mic Write, Britney Stoney, and Ryan Spencer from Jamaican Queens to the stage to help raise money for local families in need. This event will mark the end of an online campaign to raise money for 20 local families to buy back their homes.

25,000 properties will go up for auction and be sold to the highest bidder during the Wayne County Tax Foreclosure online auction. Many of the homes are occupied by families who will eventually be evicted form their homes. The Tricycle Collective is trying to raise awareness and let people know that it is easy to help these families keep their homes. Many of these houses will be sold for around $500. In fact, last year the collective raised around $5,000 in total and with that money they were able to help 10 families buy their homes back in full!!!

This year they are aiming higher. Their online campaign hopes to raise $20,000 and they are very close to reaching their goal. The party will help put them over the top because all proceeds from the night will go directly to families.

Britney and Mic Write will be performing solo sets and Ryan will be doing a DJ set. The event invite even teases that an unannounced international surprise star will also be making an appearance and performing during the event.

The event will take place at The Jam Handy in Detroit at 7 p.m. this Wednesday. They are asking for a $10-$20 donation at the door. The Jam Handy is located at 2900 E Grand Blvd. in Detroit.


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