Friday, September 4, 2015

NRR: Nurturing Rising Rockers Charity Giveaway

The kids, its all about the kids! In the now immortal words of Mr. Kanye West we say "listen to the kids, bro!" Kayne West's speech may have been a little ridiculous, but he had one good point to make. The kids are the future. They are the creators, the innovators, and the game changers. Each generation pushes us forward and helps to change the way we see the world through technology, politics, and of course, music.  

The next Kurt Cobain is out there. The Next Robert Plante is out there. The next generation of musicians are out there writing experimenting and finding new ways to express their reality. The one obstacle that a lot of kids face is the access to the resources that they need to create. Imagine if Stevie Wonder never learned how to play piano, what would the world be like without him? I don't want to live in a Stevie Wonderless world, do you?

Making sure that the next generation has access to the tools they need to create and push our culture forward is very important. We are excited to see that our friends over at NRR understand this and are doing something about it. They are currently giving away an acoustic guitar and lessons to a kid that can't afford it. "Bluesairmen Guitars, Hard Edge Radio, and National Rock Review have teamed up to help realize a dream for a child prodigy lurking out there who might not have the means to express themselves fully. We’re giving away a brand new acoustic guitar and free music lessons to one lucky child in the Metro Detroit area." If you know a child in the Wayne, Macomb, or Oakland area that needs a little help getting started, this is their chance to enter to win. The contest runs through September 15th. Details can be found on NRR's website here.

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