Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Head to the Sanctuary for The Great Thaw Party!!!

Mother Nature has been teasing us a bit lately with temperatures above freezing and some sunshine sprinkled in here and there. Could it be that spring is actually here? Just in case that is in fact true, some fine folks are gathering together at the Sanctuary this Thursday to throw a big bash. 

Thursday night, April 9th, head the Sanctuary for The Great Thaw Party! This party is the follow up to the Fuck the Snow Ball that happened back in February. The organizers are bringing together some great bands to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather and happier times. The lineup includes Detroit's own MPV, Matt Wixson's Flying Circus and Mover//Shaker along with All People, heading to Detroit all the way from New Orleans. The band is currently touring across the US and they are set to release a new album Learn Forget Repeat on May 8th. Check out the first single, "Doubt" off of the new album below. 

Doors will open at 8 p.m. on Thursday. Since this show is celebrating the arrival of spring, attendees are being encouraged to wear bright colors instead of their normal black, grey, and drab wears. If you wear "obnoxious colors", you'll only have to pay $5 to get in the door. If your wardrobe doesn't have much color in it or you just don't feel like being festive, it will cost you $8 to get in. The Sanctuary is located at 1501 Outer Dr. in Detroit. For more info on this event, click here


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