Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Catch Bars of Gold at Zeke's Rock and Roll BBQ

Zeke's has become the hip new place to eat in Ferndale. But, did you know that it is also the newest place to catch a live show? Zeke's truly is a rock and roll BBQ, and this week they will be bringing Detroit's own Bars of Gold to their stage. So far, most of the artists that have been played the space are solo or acoustic, Bars isn't either of those things. In fact, if I know anything about Bars, they are going to be moving around and really breaking the place in!
If you haven't seen Bars of Gold before you must head out to Zeke's at midnight this Thursday, April 23rd to catch the show. It's only $3 to get in and you will have a great time. No band in the area has more energy on stage than Bars of Gold. Head up to Zeke's have a late dinner (make sure you get some jalapeno mac and cheese), have a drink, and catch one of Detroit's best bands in one of Metro Detroit's newest spaces.


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