Monday, June 30, 2014

Wilson & Against the Grain - Back In Town and Blowing Ear Drums

Last Saturday we had the pleasure of seeing Against the Grain and Wilson play back to back at The Magic Stick. Both bands spent most of the last year on tour and it was nice to have them back in town for the night. The venue was hotter than hell, the space was packed, and the crowd was rowdy and full of life.

Against the Grain got people moving and shredded their set. I don't know how they play so fast and so tight, I just know that it's really fun to watch and admire.

Wilson’s fans were going crazy before they even hit the stage. Wilson came out with force and played so hard that they blew the speakers after one song. This just hyped the crowd up even more. The room was filled with chanting until they got back on stage. It was the most hyped I have seen a crowd in years. Wilson reinforced their stance as the best live band in Detroit. The lights, the antics, and the songs were all on point. Check out a couple videos from their set below.

Kudos to both bands for blowing our ear drums and showing everyone such a great time. Have fun on tour and keep making us proud.

You can order a copy of Wilson’s latest album Full Blast Fuckery on vinyl here and keep up with them on Facebook here.

You can keep up with Against the Grain here.

Keep watching these stars rise!


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