Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Have a Near Death Experience on Friday the 13th

This Friday is Friday the 13th. So in true fashion of this cursed day, why not have a Near Death Experience at the PNA Hall in Hamtramck? Well, you won't actually come close to dying, but this event is said to,  "emulate a brush with death-- strange, jolting and reveling through creative collaborations that blend music, art, performance, food and drink!" Hence the reason they are calling it Near Death Experience.

For only $10 you will enjoy a night full of entertainment provided by Kobie Solomon & Others (Graffiti/ Painting), Odd HoursSit On It Detroit (Woodworking), Harlow, Chiipss Skate Shop (Performance: Skateboarding/ Blading), Blackhand Design (Screen Printing/Goods), Apathetic Zebra (Pinup Photography/ Live Models), Great Lakes Brewing Co.Detroit Bike City (Performance: Bicycling), Fusion Video Pictures (Sculpture/ Special Effects), The Cook's Crossing (Gourmet World Food Truck), team cabinVaidehi Design (Henna/ Decorative Art), and more. Plus, this event it sponsored by our friends at Tequila Cabresto as well as DetroitYes. Tickets can be purchased in advance here or, if you wait until the day of the event, it is $13 at the door. Besides saving yourself 3 bucks, another perk to picking up your ticket ahead of time is that with every presale purchase you will be entered in a raffle for a free tattoo (up to $150) at Harlequin Tattoo in Hamtramck.

Near Death Experience starts at 7 p.m. on Friday. The PNA Hall is located at 10211 Conant in Hamtramck. For more details on this fun and different event, head over to the Facebook event page here. What the heck? It is Friday the 13th afterall! Why not do something out of the ordinary???


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