Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Getting Foxy with Foxy Shazam

When I was a little kid my dad used to put on records and dance with me around the living room. He is the reason that I love bands like Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Elton John and one of my all time favorites, Queen.

Queen is known for two things, being great musicians and legendary live shows. Their 1985 performance at Live Aid has been ranked the best live performance of all time by many different polls over the years. The fact that I will never be able to see Freddie Mercury has always bothered me, that was until I found a band that is just as interesting and just as epic live. That band is called Foxy Shazam.

Foxy is one of those bands that I immediately liked when I heard their album, but loved when I finally saw them live a few years ago at St.Andrews. The way they take over a room is indescribable and must be experienced in person at least once. They banter with the crowd, they dance, they have a bad ass trumpet player, and they have a larger than life sound. Horns and pianos can make or break a band for me and in Foxy's case the keyboard and trumpet are right on point.

Check out this live video to get taste of what I am talking about:

But, don't just watch a YouTube video and take my word for it, come out and see Foxy for yourself as they return to Detroit and play the Magic Stick this Sunday, June 22nd. They are touring in honor of their latest album Gonzo, which was recorded with none other than the famous Steve Albini. You can stream the entire album for free here. Our friends in Larry & His Flask are opening the show and tickets are only a measly $15 and can be purchased here.

We had a chance to talk to Daisy and ask him a few questions before the show and he is just as charming on paper as he is on stage. The best part is that he refers to Detroit as their second home and shows our city a little love, something that we rarely hear from out-of-towners there days.
Photo Credit: Steven King

Describe Foxy Shazam in one word.
Daisy Caplan- "Vituperative."
SIDENOTE: (Webster's definition- "containing or characterized by verbal abuse")
HID- Who are you biggest musical influences?
Daisy Caplan- "The sound of wind blowing thru the window of a speeding car, and the sound rain on a tin roof at night."
HID- You're known for your live show, what do you think makes your live performance so special?
Daisy Caplan- "Cash rebates: we actually mail out $50 checks to everyone who attends the show. It really helps our fans with monthly bills."
HID- Tell us a little about recording your latest album Gonzo with Steve Albini. What was the experience like for you?
Daisy Caplan- "Really comforting. Steve is like the nurturing godfather of rock and roll. Instead of mashed potatoes and gravy, he makes fluffy coffee."
HID- What's the one item you have to bring on tour and why?
Daisy Caplan- "Pants, because it's illegal not to wear them in most places."
HID- What's your go to food choice when on the road?
Daisy Caplan- "Caviar, Goldschlager, $100 bills (to light Cuban cigars with), veal, etc... Just kidding, Chipotle at best."
HID- You have played some pretty epic shows in Detroit. Do you have any great memories from those shows that you would like to share with us?
Daisy Caplan- "Detroit is our second home... Some of our best friends live there, and we have always had perfect shows. Never a dull moment, and a couple memories that will last a lifetime, both onstage and off... I know Pontiac isn't Detroit but that one show at The Crofoot where people just kept stage-diving and then some kid pulled down his pants onstage was pretty magical."
HID- Where do you see this band in 5 years?
Daisy Caplan- "Still touring the galaxy, hopefully. (With a stop in southeastern Michigan.)"

Doors for the show open at 7 p.m. and the Magic Stick is located at 4140 Woodward Ave. in Detroit. Head out and see them live or hear about how great it was the next day from your friends and regret missing the show.


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