Friday, June 6, 2014

Luna and I Are Back Together, For Now

Sunday evening’s balmy weather had me thinking of summers spent trespassing into golf courses with high school friends, passing out on lawns of clueless, out of town parents, and driveway conversations that never seemed to end. I was feeling nostalgic and one of my former hangouts, Luna, came to mind.

A glance at the reviews on Yelp, and you will grasp rather quickly that Luna patrons are from one of two factions. One relished the era of ‘80s Night Thursdays, Alternative Dance Saturdays, and the random Smiths, Depeche Mode, and Cure Nights that popped up on Electro Wednesdays. There were infrequent performances by the Luna Dancers, and some nights, it was just a handful of misfits and the staff holding up the bar. The other :cough: younger :cough: group knows the shinier, more video-friendly Luna, with its regular dance performances, packed bars (that’s plural now), and blaring pop music.

'80s Night Thursday at Luna circa 2009
Though profitable, its format change a few years ago left something to be desired by my friends and me. We missed the music, the intimacy, and stopped going as often. Then, we stopped going altogether. Subsequently, I was not expecting to end up at Luna on Sunday night. I told myself I just wanted to go somewhere within walking distance where I could pound a few drinks and dance my a$$ off. Like an ex-boyfriend, Luna was there in my moment of weakness, providing me with liquor and a flood of old memories.

Most Sundays, Killer Flamingos, a self-described “party band,” plays covers at Luna, with a DJ spinning in between sets. The dance floor is a diverse mix of spectators standing around watching the band and other club goers trying to dance. It’s definitely crowded, but the people are fun and upbeat. I didn’t see anyone throwing shade for a spilled drink or a sharp elbow to the side.

When we arrived, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” had everyone dancing and sweating. A few minutes later, Killer Flamingos took the stage, opening with Kesha and Pitbull’s “Timber,” sans drum machine and autotune. The set list was made up of similar top 40 songs, such as “Happy” and “Get Lucky”. The band is tight, and front woman Michelle Carravallah is always pitch perfect, even on the throwback jam “It Takes Two”.

There is still plenty of seating at Luna by the two pool tables if you want to take a breather, make out, or get hit in the back repeatedly by the men’s room door. My friend, Juice, drunkenly took the latter option. Luna’s perpetual $2 drink specials before 11 p.m. make getting your drink on almost too affordable, so look into Uber, Lyft, or plan on hoofing it back home.

Luna is located at 1815 N. Main Street in Royal Oak. Open Wednesday through Sunday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Cover is $5 after 10 p.m. $20 minimum on credit card tabs. Only 21+. For the most current event information, check out their Facebook page.


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  1. I hope Luna and I never get back together. It sucks so hard now!