Friday, August 30, 2013

Maybe Whitney at Hatchy's

Alright suburbanites, you're always complaining that the city is too far of a drive and unsafe (both untrue), but now it's time to stop your complaining because this week great music is coming to your neck of the woods. We caught up with Maybe Whitney a few weeks ago at Dirtfest and had a great time at the show. I have been keeping tabs on this band ever since they started recording with my friend Matt Dalton at 37 Studios and it has been fun to watch them grow and prosper.

Maybe Whitney incorporates elements of dubsteb with raw vocals and makes for a sound that is all their own. They will be playing at Hatchy's in Downtown Utica with Dismember the Fallen and Through Our Eyes this Friday, August 30th. The show is 18+ and only $10 at the door. Hatchy's is located at 7759 Auburn Rd. in Downtown Utica. No excuses this time! It's a Friday, it's close, and it should be a good time!


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