Monday, August 26, 2013

Keeping it Vile with Aren Willingham

I recently realized that I am the kind of girl that identifies with the wrong characters in movies. For instance in Snow White I love the evil queen,she's way prettier and her wardrobe is much cooler than Snow White's puffy dresses. I also never understood why Julia Roberts changed her wardrobe in  Pretty Woman, I liked her way more in the hooker skirt and thigh highs than the flowery dresses they made her wear once she turned into a fancy socialite. I never understood why people made fun of Peg Bundy on Married With Children, I wanted to wear every tacky piece of leopard that she rocked and first learned the art of the hair tease from her character. During Grease I wanted to be and rooted for Rizzo, not lame ass Sandy. Basically,  I am the kind of lady who likes the bad girl , who has a style of her own, and doesn't necessarily fit in with the crowd.

I think that's why I was initially so attracted to Vile Clothing. Vile Company is the clothing brand for the rebel, the outsider, the other. In fact, when I asked the creator and owner Aren Willingham who his style icons were, he immediately sighted the style from the movie/book The Outsiders. I asked him to sit down and tell how Vile got started and what the idea was behind the brand.
He is about to launch a new website and will be releasing all sorts of new merchandise including a women's line, hats, and new shirt designs. So we figured it was the perfect time for Hip In Detroit to learn more about who Vile is and what they do.

We learned that they are the perfect clothing line to be sponsoring our friends in Wilson and We Came as Romans and that we would be proud to rock one of their new women's crop tops or go on date with any of the sexy models in their lookbook pictures. Check out the interview we did with Aren and learn more about Vile from the man behind the brand.


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