Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gaming for the Greater Good - Help Britany Gibbs Help Beaumont Children's Hospital

Lately we have come across lots of new charity ideas that people have created to help raise money for those in need. From old school bake sales to throwing shows for a cause, I have always been behind lending a little extra PR to help someone trying to make a difference in the world. When we found out that local gamer Britany Gibbs was committing herself to playing video games for 25 hours to raise money for Beaumont Children's Hospital, we knew that we had to share her story to help her reach her goal.

She is attempting to raise $500 to donate to kids suffering from all sorts of diseases, from cancer to cystic fibrosis. In turn, for reaching her goal, she will sit down on November 2nd and play video games for 25 hours, into November 3rd. This is a way for gamers to show that their gaming is more than a good way to learn how to hide from snipers.

Britany belongs to a female gaming group called Pandora's Mighty Soldiers also known as PMS because they are all ladies (very clever name, girls). You can donate any amount that you would like and 100% of the donations will go to her charity of choice. Last year they were able to raise over $2 million, but they are hoping to beat that goal this year. All donations are tax deductible, so everyone comes out a winner. To learn more about Britany or to donate to her cause please click on the link here .

Good luck Britany and have fun playing Black Ops for charity! We have to admit, we would rather run a marathon then play games to raise money. So we actually think that this is quite a challenge!


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