Thursday, August 8, 2013

Keeping up the Free Show Thursday Trend with The Hounds Below

Last Thursday night The Shelter hosted an amazing free show featuring The ILL Itches and George Morris. These free, weekly, Fueled By Detroit shows have been happening on Thursdays throughout the summer. The bands involved up 'til this point have been great and this week might be one of the best line ups so far. The Hounds Below will be headlining with Lord Scrummage and Haunted House (whom we LOVE) also on the bill.

On top of entry being completely free, The Shelter has also been offering great drink specials in conjunction with these events. They have $2 "grab bag beers", which I expected to just be PBR, Stroh's, etc., your normal cheap choices. Instead, they have a cooler full of kind of rare beers and microbrews, and whatever the bartender blindly reaches in and grabs is what you get. Pretty fun way to drink for the night and try out some new brews. Plus, it sparked quite a bit of small talk throughout the bar, with people asking others what beer they got and sometimes even making trades.

So, free show with amazing bands and cheap drinks. What more could you want? We hope to see as many friends out at The Shelter this week as we did last week and hopefully a few more too. For all of the details on this event, visit the Facebook event page here.


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