Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day... Almost as Good as Christmas!

The day is finally here. The 2012 Election. Finally, you won't have to fight with your Aunt Betty anymore about who should be the next president. Before you head out to the polls tomorrow, we wanted to make sure you are ready. 

If this is your first time voting or you aren't quite sure where you are supposed to go to vote, the Secretary of State has a website that can help you out with those questions. All you have to do is head over to Once you are there, you can enter your name, birth month & year and zip code. Their website will tell you where to vote, the hours your poll is open and it will even give you a sample ballot. From your sample ballot, you can also find links to many of the candidates websites.

Even though you have probably already decided which presidential candidate you are voting for, you might not be sure how to vote on the proposals and who to choose for some of the other offices. Luckily there are some sites out there that can provide you with "unbiased" information. Hereare a few of them that we know of:

The Michigan League of Responsible Voters
League of Women Voters - Michigan
Vote Smart

As nerdy as it may seem, it doesn't hurt to jot down who and what you plan on voting for and take it with you to the polls on Tuesday. Those old women that check you in might get you all frazzled and next thing you know you are voting "No" for president and "Romney" on Proposal 2. Well, not really. But, you get the point. Good luck at the polls and if you still aren't convinced that you should go out and vote, just go back and read our post from last month on all the reasons you should.


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