Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Satin Peaches Reunion

Every year around Thanksgiving we have a huge decision to make; go out and rough it with the crowds on the biggest bar night of the year or stay home and miss out on all of the fun. Obviously, being a party girl, I always decide to go out, but I am not always happy with where I end up. Some years it has been fun and other years it has been disappointing. Thankfully this year the decision is easy to make. Yes, you should go out and you should go to The Magic Stick to see the reunion of The Satin Peaches.

The Satin Peaches used to be a Detroit staple, playing around the town. They had about 3 million lineup changes during the years that they were active which is approximately 2008-2011, depending on where you get your information. They seem to be that elusive Detroit band that you liked, but you could never pin point who was in the band and what they were up to at the time. For one night only they will be back together playing with George Morris, Jesse Shepard-Bates, Ryan Wise, Aaron Nelson and Jeremy Smith.

They are teaming up with Starling Electric, The HandGrenades and LoveChild for this all ages show on November 21st. The cover is only $10 and doors are at 8 p.m. You can get tickets online at www.ticketweb.com. If you happen to buy tickets ahead of time, make sure you print them out and bring them to the show! If you do, the band will give you a free gift! If you don't buy tickets in advance, they will be available at the door, but then you miss out on the free gift. 

Let’s all get wasted, listen to rock & roll and show up at our families’ celebrations hung over and ready to eat!


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