Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Few Minutes with Few And Far Between

While most bars were full of drunken slobs the night before Thanksgiving, we spent our evening with a slightly classier crowd at Small's. Good friends, new friends and a few super fans all gathered for the Few And Far Between show, which themselves seem to be few and far between these days. We had a chance to hang out with the guys before the first band went on and even do a short interview. I must say, this was by far one of the nicest bands we have met so far. (So, that first "few and far between" repeat in one sentence was on purpose. Not sure why I keep saying far in every sentence now though. Kind of weird.) So...check out Sadie's interview with the guys down below:

We also had a chance to shoot a couple of songs from Few And Far Between's set, including one song with guest vocalist Dave Graw (Nice Hooves, Isosceles Mountain). You can check those out here:


If you missed out on this great show, you will have another chance to catch Few And Far Between on December 28th at Black Christmas presented by Black Iris Booking at The Majestic Complex. There are a ton of other great bands playing that night to. A TON! More info on that coming soon, but until then, visit the Facebook event page.


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