Monday, November 5, 2012

Pizza, Push-ups and Preparing to Rock With Kaleido

Our website was officially launched this past January when we posted our first article about the release party for the second season of Solid Dudes Kitchen. We wrote our post, added our pictures and launched ourselves into the blogging world. Unofficially, the process for launching the site started years earlier and included schooling in writing, video and sound along with a lot of planning and preparation. To the naked eye, Hip came out of nowhere, but to those in the know it was something that all of us had been working towards for years. 
I feel that this same unfair tag has been applied to Kaleido. When I was at Motors and Music this year I overheard the crowd talking about the band that seemed to have come out of nowhere. Kaleido performed during Tigers games this summer and Christina Chriss sang the opening anthem for the Pistons this fall. Christina was heard on Sirius 101’s Farrell show and she performs acoustically with Joey Fava (from Kaleido) all over the town. 

Kaleido did not come out of nowhere, but instead was the next step in a long process of learning and growth that has fine tuned the talent of those in the band and brought them to where they are today, about to release their first EP. Their success and accomplishments came from hard work and not giving up on their dreams. They are by no means an overnight sensation.

Kaleido was formed in October of 2011 and was originally a four piece consisting of Christina Chriss, Joey Fava, Ronnie Rosolino and Cody Morales. Six months in they also added Jamie Allen Burnham as a second guitarist. As a five piece, they joined Warped Tour this summer and began recording their first EP. 

They booked their release show for almost one year after the conception of the band. It is amazing to see what they were able to do in one year. They are scheduled to release their EP and play a live show at the Magic Stick on November 30th. We are excited to announce that we got to catch up with the band and see how they were getting ready for this momentous occasion. 

You can check out some of their music here and purchase tickets for the EP release at We look forward to interviewing the band and celebrating this release with all of you. Check back before the show for further updates and even a giveaway!


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