Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Take a Tour of Veneto Italy and Learn All About the Women Who Make Their Wine

Pizza Plex has cooked up a new way to experience food and wine this month. They are hosting a Women in Wine Tasting on Thursday, January 19th.

This month's event will feature the wine of Veneto and the women-owned wineries that created it. Ticket holders will enjoy a night of live music by Ashley D’Agostino (viola), wine, and small plates (a cheese board (assorted Italian cheeses) and freshly baked focaccia) while they learn about the rich history of the women who took over their family businesses and made a path for themselves in a traditionally male-dominated industry. 

Pizza Plex's goal is to" raise awareness around the origins/sources of and stories behind their food and ingredients, including their beverage menu and Italian wines. Wine is a product of the agriculture industry, which - like many industries - faces many labor and environmental challenges, including protecting worker rights and natural resources. Women are underrepresented in this industry too, and we want to amplify our mission by celebrating and honoring underrepresented and marginalized communities who toil and devote great care and passion to making the delicious and world-class products we have the privilege to serve at PizzaPlex, like wine."

Tickets to attend the tasting are only $30 in advance and they can be purchased here.


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