Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Chartreuse Continues to Be One of Detroit's Best Dining Experiences

Has your memory ever gaslit you into believing that something was better than it actually was? Maybe you remembered a place as being a little more magical the last time you were there, or were confused when it seemed like something was a lot smaller when you saw it again. Sometimes our brain plays tricks on us and remembers things being a little more grandiose than they actually were. Recently we had the opposite experience. 

We have always loved the food at Chartreuse, especially the twice-cooked egg (prior to going vegan), but we haven't been there in a long time (COVID life + too many new places to try) and we were worried that it couldn't be as good as we remembered it was. Turns out, somehow it's even better than we remembered.

The service, atmosphere, and food is unbeatable. The thought and care that is put into every aspect of every dish is enviable. From rice that is steeped in tea to items that are sourced from specific farms and growers, they take the time to think about their food from every aspect of the experience and they nail it every time. We are also happy to report that we were able to eat a three-course vegan meal without making modifications to two of the dishes and only taking cheese off the third. In fact, we got to try things we have never tasted before, which is always exciting.

Chartreuse's menu changes daily based on the season and what is available fresh and locally. Their website takes reservations and we suggest making them because it can get very busy, especially on weekends. It is no secret that Chartreuse is great, we just wanted to remind you that it's actually better than you remember it being. So, it's time to go back and experience a meal at one of Detroit's best restaurants.

You can learn more about Chartreuse and book a reservation here,


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