Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Redrunn Skate Shop Opens this Weekend

There's a new skate shop opening up on the Eastside! Redrunn Skate Shop will be opening its doors this weekend in Warren, at the corner of 13 Mile & Mound. The shop will carry skateboards and parts, shoes, clothing, and more, handpicked by a crew that has been part of the Detroit skate scene for decades. Not only has the team behind Redrunn been a part of the Metro Detroit skate scene themselves, but they are now raising a new generation of skaters with their own kids. They have also been involved with the City of Warren's plans for a new skatepark (that will be located about a half a mile away from the shop at Eckstein Park) and now they are opening this new shop to help support skateboarders, both new and old. 

We caught up with the Redrunn Skate Shop crew to get the scoop on the store. 
HID- Tell us about Redrunn. What is it? Who is this shop for? What can shoppers expect?
RRSS- Redrunn Skate Shop, well we are the cool ghouls. We are creating the best skateshop on planet earth. The shop is for everyone. Skateboarders, scooter kids, roller skaters, freaks, weirdos, kooks and normies. Beginners to grizzled old rippers. Ravers, band leaders, flamenco dancers. If you're expressing yourself thru movement and film, we are down for you and we hope you will be down for us. People can expect the gear they need, accessories to make them look good, and a shop to hang.

HID- Are there any specific brands that your shop will carry?
RRSS- We carry eco friendly and super comfy sneaker brand from Brazil, Carium, and
skate decks and accessories from brands you know and love, like Krooked, Independent and Heroin skateboards. We will always be making conversations and carrying local and or independent brands too.
HID- If someone is new to skateboarding will your staff be able to help them?
RRSS- We most definitely will be able and will be glad to help those new to skateboarding. Our shop manager has 30+ years of skateboarding knowledge. New converts to the church skaten are our greatest hope.

HID- Will you carry clothing and accessories too or just skateboards, wheels, etc?
RRSS- We have everything you need. From shoes to clothes to safety gear.

HID- Tell us about the name.
RRSS- Redrunn. Well there are several meanings. One is geographical in nature. The shop sits south of and the future skatepark brought to you by the city of Warren sits north of the Red Run as it flows through northwest Warren. Second is more subliminal. So we added an additional n to run and flipped it. This creates the illusion of a M. Seeing it flipped in reflection shows the word murder. We are big horror fans at the shop. Secondly, the subversive and subliminal plays on pop culture in skateboarding created wonder for us as kids. So it's a tip of the hat to that kind of energy in skateboarding.

HID- Why did you guys decide to open a skate shop in Warren?
RRSS- We have been working with city of Warren for a few years to get a skate park. It just made sense to open a shop. We all live in Warren and are raising our kids here. We want to be a presence in the community and the skate scene. We would like to build a culture in the area. To help people grow individually and to create a support network . We want to be a place to hang and be yourself. To find your voice. We want the art of movement to thrive in our community.

HID- Anything else you want to add?
RRSS- Redrunn Skate Shop is Loren Papasian, Businessman number one, man of many hats, barber to the stars, Monica Papasian, the accountant, style queen, roller derby destroyer, and Matthew Tomaszewski, local weirdo and skate goblin.

Redrunn Skate Shop is holding their grand opening celebration this Saturday, January 28th. The shop also has pinball, which will be free this weekend in honor of the grand opening. You can find Redrunn at 5831 13 Mile Rd. in Warren. Their hours this winter will be Tuesday - Saturday from noon - 6 p.m. Make sure you give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to stay in the loop.



  1. Excited about the new skate shop, shout out to Loren and Matt!

  2. Looking forward to the new skate shop, shout out to Loren and Matt!