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Hip in Detroit's 2019 Hamtramck Music Fest Preview

This weekend, the City of Hamtramck will be taken over by some of the best bands in the area for Hamtramck Music Fest. The three day festival will feature 209 acts at 24 different bars and venues throughout the city. It all kicks off on Thursday night, at Ant Hall and Ghost Light where Sextez & the Vybe, DUDE, Cosmic Light Shapes, Sold Only as Curio, Kind of Animal, Valid, Ladyship Warship, After Dark Amusement Park, and Panda House will play. Then, on Friday and Saturday night, the fest spreads throughout the city to pretty much every bar in the area.

We had a chance to meet up with some of the bands playing this year's HMF this past week at Small's. Hit play below to hear some music from HMF artists and to hear us chat with Melody from Betty Cooper as well as co-owner of Small's, Andrew from Handgrenades, Adam from Tart and Patrick Davy & The Ghosts, Jack from Kimball, and Ricky from Citizen Smile and Patrick Davy & The Ghosts, as well as cohort of James Linck and Ben Keeler. Plus our good friend Lee chimes in from time to time too! Make sure you listen to the second segment of the podcast, where Melody not only gave us details on HMF, but also details on Small's Paczki Day Celebration, with music all day and their famous Paczki Bombs!

Wristbands for Hamtramck Music Fest are only $15, which grants you access to all of the participating venues, all 3 days. Wristbands can be purchased with cash at Ant Hall on Thursday night, the HMF Headquarters on Friday & Saturday night, or at most record stores in the Metro Detroit area. For a full list of where you can purchase your wristband, click here.

With so many bands and so many venues, the best way to make the most of Hamtramck Music Fest is to come up with a plan, but make sure you check out some bands that you haven't seen yet. Don't forget, there are free shuttles throughout the night taking you between all 24 venues too! So don't worry about driving from place to place. If you want to get from one side of town to the other, just hop on the shuttle! (Check out the map of all of the venues and the shuttle here.) Check out the full schedule for the weekend below and decide what bands you want to see each night. The bands we featured on our podcast are highlighted in green, so make sure you check them out! See you in Hamtramck this weekend!


Ant Hall Stage:
12am Sextez & the Vybe
11pm DUDE
10pm Cosmic Light Shapes
9pm Sold Only as Curio
8pm Kind of Animal

Ghost Light Stage:
11:30pm Valid
10:30pm Ladyship Warship
9:30pm After Dark Amusement Park
8:30pm Panda House


Ant Hall: Friday 18+
1am The Beggars
12am Don Duprie and The Inside Outlaws
11pm Alison Lewis and String of Ponies
10pm The Gashounds
9pm True Blue

Baker Streetcar Bar: Friday 21+
12:15am Friends of Dennis Wilson
11:15pm Blueflowers
10:15pm Electric Honey
9:15pm Scott Harrison
8:15pm Jenn's Apartment

Bank Suey: Friday (all ages)
9pm Kubat, Finlay, & Rose

8pm Michele Oberholtzer
7pm Banjolectric

Bumbo’s: Friday 21+
11:30pm Career Club
10:30pm Infinite Land
9:30pm Zack Fealk
8:30pm Immaculate Conception

Café 1923: Friday (all ages)
7:15pm EnD
6:30pm Palou
5:45pm Norma Jean Haynes
5pm Zach Vazum

Delite Café: Friday (all ages)
8pm Wierdoz Gang
7pm Cloudy
6pm Truman Nolan
5pm DJ Soccer Mom & Loni K.

Detroit Threads: Friday (all ages)
Detroit Techno Militia

Ghost Light: Friday 18+
12:30pm Duende
11:30pm Caveman & Bam Bam
10:30pm The Creepos
9:30pm J Walker and the Crossguards
8:30pm Tony Paris and Sugarburn

Hamtramck Public Library: Friday (all ages)
7:30pm Post Imperial Jazz Band
6:30pm Jackamo
5:30pm Marbrisa

High Dive: Friday 21+
12:30am Straight Rye Trio
11:30pm Denise Davis and the Motor City Sensations
10:30pm Alex Mendenall
9:30pm Julius De'Von

Kelly’s Bar: Friday 21+
12:45am Whodat
11:45pm Viands
10:45pm Dinner Music
9:45pm Party Days

Moose Lodge: Friday 18+
12am WAIL
9pm Wasabi Dream

Outer Limits: Friday 18+
12am SLO
11pm Electric Huldra
10pm The Hand

Painted Lady: Friday 21+
11:15pm Siamese
10:15pm The Stools
9:15pm Primitiv Parts

Plav Post #6: Friday 18+
10:30pm Jaws That Bite
9:30pm Tssr
8:30pm Registerd Nurse
7:30pm Apollo's Din

Plav Post #10: Friday 18+
1am Doctor Pizza
12am saajtak
11pm 1000 Yard Stare
10pm Slob

Polish Sea League: Friday 21+
12:15am Black Shampoo
10:15pm Twelve Bridges
9:15pm Intricate Dialect

Polish Village Café: Friday 18+
12:30am Efthimi
11:30pm Stella's Ghost
10:30pm Jill Govan
9:30pm Oblique Noir

Polka Dot: Friday 18+
12:30am Rogue Satellites
11:30pm 3ft
10:30pm VAZUM
9:30pm The End Electric
8:30pm Lak Lok

Port Bar: Friday 21+
12am The Whiskey Charmers
11pm Stefanie Cox & The Blox
10pm QRB
9pm Nate B. Jackson

Sanctuary: Friday 18+
11pm Reuther
10pm Cabin 7
9pm Sharks Never Sleep
8pm Vena Morris

Small’s Bar: Friday 18+
12:30am SpaceSkull
11:30pm WOMB
10:30pm Suburban Delinquents
9:30pm Pancho Villa's Skull

Trixie’s: Friday 21+
12am Throwaway
11pm Bananacondas
10pm Ripshark
9pm Tears of a Martian
8pm Run from the Future

Whiskey In The Jar: Friday 21+
12:30am Werewolves
10:30pm The Hackwells
9:30pm The Hi-Views
8:30pm Blues Preacher Creighton


Ant Hall: Saturday 18+
1am JP From The HP
12am Tart
11pm Damn The Witch Siren
10pm Mister
9pm Krillin

Baker Streetcar Bar: Saturday 21+
12:15am James Linck
11:15pm The Dropout
10:15pm The Forty Nineteens
9:15pm The Haley Riots
8:15pm Timothy Monger

Bank Suey: Saturday (all ages)
9pm Fat Angry Hens
8pm Isaac Levine Band
7pm Kameryn Ogden

Bumbo’s: Saturday 21+
11:30pm Handgrenades
10:30pm Ben Keeler Band
9:30pm Junkfood Junkies
8:30pm Connor Dodson

Café 1923: Saturday (all ages)
5:30pm Emma Guzman
4:45pm Lady Darkness
4pm Carmel Liburdi
3:15pm The Marmalades
2:30pm Neriah Reign

Delite Café: Saturday (all ages)
8pm LXL
7pm All City Cypher
6pm Coney Meal Combo
5pm Sudden Death Syndrome

Detroit Threads: Saturday (all ages)
11pm DJ Roach
10pm Jeremiah Shaw
9pm DJ Disc Detroit
8pm Brent Scudder
7pm Discreet Disco
6pm Jeffery Woodward
5pm Beth Dzierwa
4pm Teresa Chavez

Ghost Light: Saturday 18+
12:30am Werewolf Jones
11:30pm Teener
10:30pm Zilched
9:30pm Dear Darkness
8:30pm Old Empire

Hamtramck Public Library: Saturday (all ages)
6pm Bangla School of Music
5pm Hamtramck Public Schools Elementary Honors Choirs
4pm RicanStruction
3pm Homemade Musical Instruments Workshop w/ Norma Jean Haynes

High Dive: Saturday 21+
12:30am Jibbs Brown & the Jambros
11:30pm Wuzee
10:30pm Annamaria
9:30pm Drew Schultz Trio feat. Matt Ryan & Evan Mercer

Kelly’s Bar: Saturday 21+
12:45am Lu Fuki & Divine Providence
11:45pm Jonathan Franco
10:45pm Electric Blanket
9:45pm Parallel People

Moose Lodge: Saturday 18+
12am Mark Whalen and The Buttermilk Boys
9pm Patrick Davy & The Ghosts

Outer Limits: Saturday 18+
12am The Drinkard Sisters
11pm Dirty Copper
10pm Milk Bath

Painted Lady: Saturday 21+
11:15pm The Mahonies
10:15pm Jenny & Jackie
9:15pm Johnny ILL

Plav Post #6: Saturday 18+
10:30pm Botanical Fortress
9:30pm ZZvava
8:30pm Alex Knows it All
7:30pm Bad Liver Piss

Plav Post #10: Saturday 18+
1am Nique Love Rhodes & The NLR Experience
12am Warhorses
11pm The High Strung
10pm The Strains
6:30pm Dearborn Public Schools STEM & DCMST Jazz Band (all ages)

Polish Sea League: Saturday 21+
12:15am Pewter Cub
11:15pm Leaf Erikson
10:15pm The Blitzers
9:15pm Caleb Byers

Polish Village Café: Saturday 18+
12:30am Honey and Buffalo
11:30pm J. Rose
10:30pm Zac Fortin
9:30pm Mike Ward

Polka Dot: Saturday 18+
12:30am Rebecca Goldberg
11:30pm Super Birthday
10:30pm VSTRS
9:30pm Gold Crayon
8:30pm Qu'elle

Port Bar: Saturday 21+
12am JAKDD
11pm Blackmail
10pm Detroit Party Marching Band
9pm Papa Vanya i Brodyagi

Sanctuary: Saturday 18+
11pm Jackson and the Poolsharks
10pm Splitters
9pm High Totals
8pm Bave

Small’s Bar: Saturday 18+
12:30am Brother Son
11:30pm Betty Cooper
10:30pm Remnose
9:30pm Hung Up

Trixie’s: Saturday 21+
12am Raising The Dead
11pm Slizz
10pm John Salvage
9pm Dead People

Whiskey In The Jar: Saturday 21+
12:30am Scarlet Lies
11:30pm Choking Susan
10:30pm Tiger Sex
9:30pm Ch'i Machines
8:30pm Modern Mal


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