Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Bagley Central Detroit Cocktail Bar Coming to Detroit

It seems like every other week we read a press release for a new bar or restaurant that is being opened in or around the city. They are usually the new pet project of some out of town investor that wants to throw their hat in the ring to see if they can capitalize on Detroit's big "comeback" and they always seem to have some kind of ridiculous theme or gimmick that is supposed to change the way that we do dining and drinking in Detroit. Generally, they usually just end up being super overpriced and too hard for any local to get into. We assumed that when Our/Detroit went up for sale someone like that would scoop it up, but instead we were excited to see that one of our favorite Detroit bartenders is taking over the space to open his first bar and the plan is to cater to locals, especially those that love punk and rock and roll.

Mike Ketelhut has teamed up with Green Dot Stables and Johnny Noodle King owners Jacques and Christine Driscoll to open a new local space that will cater to the "beer and a shot crowd". The New bar, which is slotted to open this April, will be called Bagley Central. We reached out to Mike to ask him why he picked this space and section of the city. This is what he had to say:
 "I would have picked this area regardless of the current trends and the space is perfect. We’re going to be more about filling a need for a high-quality watering hole that’s affordable for cheapskates like me. I can’t guarantee everyone will like the place, but I can guarantee that the prices will be low, the music will be top-notch, and my staff will kill it. I was trained by a lot of people I admire in this business so I’ve got some lofty standards to live up to". 
It was a refreshing reply to basic questions that many new business owners have a hard time answering. Cocktails will be priced around $6 to $8 a piece and the bar will not offer food, but that's okay. The opening of Bagley Central will coincide with the opening of Peso, a new Mexican inspired space that Jacques and Christine Driscoll will be opening in the former Fist of Curry/Huron Room Space next door. We will keep you updated on everything we learn about the two new spaces and let you know when they officially open. We are excited to see a long time local bartender get his shot at curating his own space!


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