Thursday, August 30, 2018

Creators Come Together to Collaborate on a Comic for Flint

In the Spring of 2014, Governor Rick Snyder and his administration made a decision that changed Flint, Michigan and its residents forever. They low key changed the city's water source to save a little money and instead caused un-measurable pain and suffering to over 100,000 of the city's most vulnerable residents. Initially, the scandal was on every news station and semis of water were being flooded into the area, but eventually the attention died down and Flint Michigan was left to fend for itself. To this day, there are thousands of family that do not have clean water in their homes or support for the health problems that were caused by living, drinking, and bathing in the tainted water.
Thankfully, there are still good people out there who didn't forget about Flint.

Last year, former Swellers drummer and local writer Jono Diener helped put together a compilation that helped raise over $9,000 for the residents of Flint, Michigan. This year, he brought together an interesting group of artists to create a comic book to raise money for a charity called The Compass, a program of Michigan Community Services Inc. aiding adults with developmental disabilities that focuses on the residents of Flint. Jono combined the writing talent of El Whitcombe, Sam Moore, Robb Anthony, and Carl Mizell with the drawing talents of artists Emily Woodruff, Kadee Spangler, Craig Horky, Michelle Lukezic, and Miranda Ireland to create a brand new comic called HOPE: A Comic For Flint. Then, he got the writers and artists that were in bands to help him put together a big party for the release that will take place this Saturday, September 1st at Foster Coffee Company. in Flint. All of the bands that will be playing this Saturdays Comic Book Release Gathering feature someone who helped create the comic. The lineup includes Copneconic, Baggage, The Apology Tour, and The Dead Serious. Tickets to attend the show are only $10 and entry includes a copy of the comic!


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