Monday, August 13, 2018

A Quick Interview and Ticket Giveaway with Joan of Arc

Indie rockers Joan of Arc recently released their 23rd album called 1984. They are currently on tour in support of their new music and they are making a stop in Detroit this Thursday, August 16th. The band will be playing alongside Fred Thomas and Sikk Laffter and it's only $10 to get into the show.  
You can listen to the band's new album here and you can learn a little bit more about them by checking out our 4 questions with Tim Kinsella, singer and guitar player for the band.
We also have one pair of tickets to giveaway to the show courtesy of El Club Detroit. If you would like to enter to win, please email your full name to with the subject line #joanofarc. We will draw one lucky winner before the show and they will get to attend the show with a friend for free. 

HID- What's your favorite track off your new album "1984"?
Tim Kinsella- "I couldn’t say I have a favorite cuz I really love all Melina’s songs, but I do feel like when Punk Kid came together I thought “I smell a hit!” In a way that songs don’t often make me feel. Layering the two instrumentals was also very fun."

HID- Whats's your favorite song to currently play live?
Tim Kinsella- "Our live set is definitely about momentum and sequencing and the energy of each song charging to the next. And, even on a structural level the songs are a lot different than each other, different modes. So I couldn’t really pick a favorite, it’s like how yellow depends on purple to look yellow, you know?"

HID- Whats the best part about being on the road? Whats the worst?
Tim Kinsella- "Best part is my band-mates. We all have a very good time together. And it’s great seeing old friends everywhere. Worst part is definitely money. It’s very tricky to sustain this at the level we operate on."

HID- What's your go to album right now and why?
Tim Kinsella- "I actually went thru an Injury Reserve phase a few months ago. They’re Detroit guys I think, right? My go to album forever is Arnold Dreyblatt Propellers in Love. My go to Spotify move is the L.I.E.S. Playlist on shuffle cuz it’s good for running and for reading, but I end up skipping a third of the tracks.


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