Friday, August 24, 2018

White Bee Takes You Into a "Beat State"

White Bee a.k.a. Shannon Barnes recently released a music video for her latest single "Beat State". This track was recorded, produced and mixed by Elise McCoy (former MPV/Current Bogart) who also stepped in to create and direct the music video with the musician. The video was filmed at the Belle Isle Conservatory because as Barnes explains, "Michigan’s weather clearly undergoes severe changes every year, but even under those circumstances, the conservatory maintains growth of beautiful tropical plants. To me, that resembles the changes I have experienced in my life and how I am still growing within the constant changes that surround me.” She also wanted to feature the performers from Ballet Detroit, "because all of those kids are at an age where so much will change so quickly.”  You can download the track here and you can keep up with all things White Bee here.


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