Monday, May 21, 2018

Ferndale Radio is Looking for Some New DJs

Did you know that Ferndale has its own radio station? The hyper-local channel broadcasts from The Rust Belt Market and can be heard by turning your dial to 100.7 FM when you are inside the listening area. The station features local, underground, and indie music as well local news and information. This publicly funded project was founded by Michelle Mirowski and Dave Philips, and has quickly drawn a loyal pack of local listeners. They are currently broadcasting from The Rust Belt Market while it's open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then, they play syndicated shows and music throughout the week.
Ferndale Radio has a solid base, but are currently looking for some new DJs to come bring some new life to their weekend broadcasts. So, if you are interested in skipping the podcast and bringing it back to the airwaves instead, send them an email and tell them why you would be the perfect person to start your own show on Ferndale radio. You can reach them at The station is also looking for funding to ensure that they can stay on for the year next year. So, if you're not interested in being on the air, but want to make sure that someone is, please donate to help keep them up and running!


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