Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Meet Mothica

Mothica is a singer songwriter from NYC with some cool Detroit connections. She record 6 songs at Assemble Sound, two of which were produced by NYDGE. The "Lovetalk" artist will be hitting the stage with a full band and a whole lot of passion. But, before she does, we reached out to learn more about her, an up and coming artist who isn't afraid to be herself. She is currently on tour and will making a stop to perform live at The Pike Room this Thursday, May 3rd. She will be performing alongside ehioroboCheer Captain and Alexander Lynch. Tickets to attend the show are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. We also have a pair of tickets to give away to the show. If you would like to enter to win, please email your full name to hipindetroit@gmail.com with the subject line #MOTHICA. We will draw one lucky winner Thursday morning and they will get to attend the show with a friend for free. But first, take a second to read our interview with Mothica and listen to her jams.


HID- Why Moth's?
Mothica- "Moths are the nocturnal and less glamorous cousin of butterflies. They’re drawn to light even at the risk of their own demise. My “light” is both success and my self destructive habits. Sometimes I go for things so forcefully that I hurt myself in the process."

HID- Do you think your "too emotional" or just more in touch with your emotions?
Mothica- "In my personal relationships, I definitely think I can be too emotional. But in the same vein, I never run out of things to write about! I sometimes feel guilty writing songs about people in my life but it’s a therapeutic process that keeps me from staying angry or sad about whatever experience that inspired it."

HID- You are very open about your emotions with your fans and followers. How did you get the courage to speak so freely?
Mothica- "I’m not sure I’d describe it as courageous, I’m often annoyed or embarrassed by things I have told people in songs or about myself. But being completely honest with others allows me to be honest with myself. I don’t want to hide past mistakes or experiences I’ve had because that would hinder my growth to being a better person."

HID- What is your writing process? Do you sit down and concentrate or do songs and lyrics just come to you? What part of a song do you write first?
Mothica- "I have a holy grail list of song titles that I’ve been adding to for a couple years. I like to start with a concept and build out from there. I think every song should have a very distinct personality, where the production and the lyrics paint a picture of whatever emotion you’re portraying. But more specifically, I just zone out and mumble melodies with words related to the theme and then my subconscious usually lands on something worth saving!"

HID- Do you perform solo on tour or do you tour with a live band?
Mothica- "I want people to know that I nearly quit music after my first show in 2015. Performing absolutely terrified me. I produce a lot of my own music but my hands would shake even touching a keyboard on stage. I pulled together three friends so I now play with a full live band including drums, guitar, a lot of guitar pedals, a synth bass and keys. My songs take on a whole new life in my live shows."

HID- What's your favorite part about being on tour? What's your least favorite part?
Mothica- "Well, I didn’t expect anything because I had absolutely no idea how it’d be. I knew there would be complications. My long time drummer bailed on the tour the morning we left due to travel anxiety which really through us all a curve ball. Luckily, a friend is joining the tour as my new drummer! But my favorite thing has been talking to people at my shows that drove multiple hours to see me or had never heard my music and enjoyed the show!"

HID- Have you ever been to Detroit before? If not what are you expecting?
Mothica- "I have and it’s one of the most exciting dates for me since I have recorded six songs there at Assemble Sound. My friend NYDGE produced my last two singles, "Water Me Down" and "Lovetalk". SYBLYNG, Sam Austins and Flint Eastwood are also my friends out there! I was so inspired writing music in Detroit."

HID- Whats your one must have tour item?
Mothica- "Clean socks are crucial."

HID- How do you get our hands on that old school lips phone for your "Lovetalk" video?
Mothica- "My mom sells vintage clothes and collects a lot of wacky items like old phones, Polaroid cameras, and miniature TVs."

HID- How do you describe you style?
Mothica- "I describe my music as “gloompop” but my personal style I’d say “still in my hot topic phase”."


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