Friday, April 20, 2018

Undesirable People Release 6 Song EP "Ask Me If I Care" Today!

Today is the official release date for Undesirable People's new 6 song EP Ask Me If I Care. Leading up to today's release, the band put out two strikingly different music videos for two of their new songs.

The first video for the single "I Saw a Dove" features a topless Camera Jesus puking all over a birthday cake and eating a dove.The music isn't as disturbing as the video but you can definitely feel some pain and passion the tune, check it out below.

The second video is a bit more laid back and so is the song. "Climb High" features the band hanging out and jamming in the middle of somebody's house. It's a sold tune and a visually pleasing video, check it out below.

The new EP is out today and you  can check it out and order a copy for yourself here.

The band will also be hosting an EP release party at The Sanctuary, Saturday, June 23rd in Hamtramck. Mark your calendars and follow the Facebook invite here to find out more about the show, including openers when they announce them.


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