Thursday, April 12, 2018

Blake's Hard Cider Boldly Supports The LGBT Community with Their Newest Brew

Blake's Apple Orchard was founded in 1946. The family-owned farm was the first place in the U.S. to offer patrons the chance to pick their own apples in the fall. The small Armada farm has always been ahead of its time, so it was no surprise when they began bottling their own apples before the hard cider craze took off a few years ago. They went from a small local brand with a tasting room on their property to a huge company with signature brews like the Beard Bender and Flannel Mouth. In fact, you can find Blake's Hard Cider at most local bars and in the beer section of a lot of markets and grocery stores.

Their latest brew, the Rainbow Seeker, is another step forward for the innovative family. Their latest creation has a semi-sweet blend of Michigan-grown apples infused with real pineapple and a hint of sage. But more importantly, it is the first release in the brand's Kinder series, a line that will "bring awareness to social and environmental issues that directly impact Blake’s small farm community". This brew was created in partnership with the Human Rights Campaign to support equality, love, inclusion, and support for the LGBT community. A portion of the proceeds from everyone can they sell will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign to support LGBT rights. This is the first of many flavors that the brand will be creating to support causes that are near and dear to their hearts. You can keep up on all of their Kinder Care brews and find out where to find them here. You can also follow any of the recipes below to use their new flavor to create a cocktail that tastes good and supports the LGBT community.

◆ Blake’s Rainbow Seeker - 5oz
◆ Cranberry Juice - 2oz
◆ Vodka - 1oz
◆ Dash of fresh lime juice
◆ Chopped Ripe Pineapple Garnish

◆ Blake’s Rainbow Seeker - 6oz
◆ Cognac - 2oz
◆ Cointreau - .5oz
◆ Fresh Squeezed Lemon - .5oz
◆ Garnish with Lemon and Grapefruit Slice
*Shake with ice and strain

◆ Blake's Rainbow Seeker - 6oz
◆ Silver Tequila - 1oz
◆ Ripe Pineapple Chunks -2-3
◆ Fresh Lime Juice 1 tsp
◆ Dash of Sugar
◆ Small JalapeƱo (seeded & finely chopped) - 1/4
◆ Ice

To learn more about Blake's Hard Cider and Blake's Apple Orchard visit their website here.


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