Thursday, April 26, 2018

Beacon Park Transforms into a "Parcade"

This year, winter seemed to last way longer than usual. Maybe it was because Mother Nature taunted us with a nice day here and there just to follow it up with ice, snow, and bitterly cold temperatures. But, it seems like the weather has finally broke, and (fingers crossed) warmer temperatures and sunshine are here to stay!

If you're yearning to get outside and have some fun in the sun, Beacon Park has something special lined up this weekend. They are hosting a Free Arcade this week that will bring about a dozen of your favorite arcade games out to the park. Some of the games included are Donkey Kong, PacMan, Mario Kart Driver, and Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift. To see a full list of the games that will be on site, click here. The games will be free to play and the "arcade" is open from 10 a.m. 'til 10 p.m. daily. In addition to the arcade, the park also has LED Putt-Putt golf set up this week, which is also free to play. So, head downtown and have some fun at the park this weekend!

Beacon Park is located 1903 Grand River Avenue, at the intersection of Grand River and Cass. To see a full list of all of the fun events coming to the park, head over to their Facebook page or visit their website at


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