Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hip in Detroit Chats With Tony Muggs Before The Muggs Go to Spain

The Muggs are a pretty popular band in Detroit, but did you know that they have a huge following in Spain? The band made its first trip to the country in 2007 and they have been back four times since then. They will be making their fifth trip South this May, but before they hit the road they are throwing a good old fashioned tour kick off show at Outer Limits this Saturday, April 28th. As an added bonus, they have decided to release their first album The Muggs on vinyl for the first time!  We reached out to talk to bassist Tony Muggs to find out about the re-release, the tour kick off show, and the trip to Spain, which will feature a special guest star on drums. Check out what he had to say, give the band a listen, and head up to Hamtrmack to see them play live before they head to Spain this Saturday!

HID- Why are you calling your upcoming tour The Get It On Tour?
Tonymuggs - "As your readers may or may not know, The Muggs have been touring Spain, among other European countries, since 2007. This particular tour in May 2018, we were invited by a different promoter from Spain than the one we had been previously working with since 2012. Our new promoter is Break Music promotions, and owned by Alfonso Cito who will also be our tour manager. Usual protocol for touring Europe is that promoters require you to have an upcoming, new record. Because we are in between making records but got invited anyways, our promoter and The Muggs brainstormed ideas and Alfonso thought that since we haven't toured Spain since May 2015, it would be okay this one time to turn a blind eye to the usual rule of having a new album for promotion. It's also a good thing to have such a deep back catalog of exciting songs. I picked the tour name because that is one of Dannymuggs finest, most exciting songs (Get It On off our 2nd LP On With The Show) in the Muggs catalog and I wanted the Spain to know we are coming guns a-blazing and we're gonna GET IT ON!"

HID- Tell us about the new music that you will be releasing, where was it recorded? What can we expect?
Tonymuggs - "Timing is everything right? Well, we just didn't have enough time to release what will be our 6th full length album yet so Dannymuggs came up with a great idea to make it worth everyones while to come out this Saturday August 28th for our "send off" show at Outer Limits Lounge, and for our fans in Spain. Because we never released our very first album entitled, The Muggs, on vinyl, we got together with a company that manufactures vinyl in Spain and made 300 copies of our first album. The Muggs was originally recorded in August 2004 in Royal Oak, MI. at Rustbelt Studios when we were signed to a local record label called Times Beach Records, along with such legendary label mates as the Hentchmen, and Audra Kubat among other bands. Since 2006, the Muggs have been an independent, DIY band with limited funds to get all the things we want accomplished. But we are smart with the money and so we created new artwork for this vinyl, (graphic artwork by the amazing Jason Seaman, and this will be a collector's edition on vinyl for sure. I just received 150 copies from Spain in the mail last week! Limited Edition Spanish Import baby! If we decide on a second run, we'll have new artwork and perhaps even a different track listing. Very rare indeed!"

HID- Why Spain?
Tonymuggs - "Spain gets us! Spain, in my opinion, is very similar to Detroit. Spain is very blue collar, works hard, plays hard, loves rock n roll and the blues, the people are genuine and the food is to die for! Wendy Case of the Paybacks took the Muggs to Spain back in January 2007 for our first tour abroad and I just feel in love with the country. We went back in 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2015. Needless to say, if you build it and you have a good product, they will come. We are lucky but also have worked our butts off to be in this wonderful position that we are in today. My dream is to build a bridge from Detroit to Spain so that many other talented bands from Detroit can experience Spanish crowds and culture!"

HID- Do any of you speak Spanish?
Tonymuggs - "Oh god!" Or rather, "Dios Mio!" I try but luckily English is the worlds' second language. After three minutes of me butchering and blathering in the Spanish language, they say, "ohh, my friend, please speak English, I understand English." Dannymuggs, and Todd Glass also try their best. There have been some hilarious memories of us trying to speak the language and failing miserably. Ultimately though, they appreciate the effort we put forth."

HID- How do you get ready for a three week tour?
Tonymuggs - "It can be a grind. Thankfully, it's only three weeks. Leave yer egos home. Surrender to the road and the tour. But we have been through this five times already so with each time, you learn something that you shouldn't have done from the previous time and move forward."

HID- Whats your must have travel item?
Tonymuggs - "Good books, great music, earplugs for those nasty snoring band mates and duty free whiskey for the road!"

HID- Why did you decide to have your send off show at The Outer Limits Lounge?
Tonymuggs - "Our regular drummer, Todd Glass, couldn't make this tour. He is still in the band of course, but he's tending to family matters. So, whenever the Muggs get invited to Spain or any other European country, I feel it's our duty to go. Again, I feel so lucky and privileged to go somewhere like Spain, where we have an amazing following. That being said, it's a great feeling to know that the Muggs are respected enough in Detroit to know we can ask other drummers on the scene if they'd wanna go on tour. Dude's drummer, Zach Pliska fits the bill! He's a young, exciting drummer with his own style. Zach and I started getting together in January 2018 and then after he basically nailed our entire catalog, we brought in Dannymuggs and have been rehearsing hard ever since mid February. Regarding OL, Johnny Hentch is a wonderful man, as well as a great and legendary musician in Detroit. He and his wife Kelly now are the owners of Outer Limits Lounge, which is one of the coolest, new music venues in Hamtramck and metro Detroit. He and Kelly do every right from the bar's decor to the music and bands they bring in. We also wanted to get one show under our belts with Zach on drums before we hit the ground running in Spain."

HID- Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?
Tonymuggs - "Yes! The Cheetahs are gonna open up the show this Saturday for us! Get there to see them, they are easily one of my new favorite bands in Detroit. There are so many actually but it's a real pleasure to be sharing the stage with them for Saturday's show. 9pm doors. Only $5. 18+ welcome!"


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