Monday, April 23, 2018

RESCHEDULED: Hip in Detroit's Next Podcast will Feature Plus Size Blogger, Model, and Activist Leah V. from Beauty and the Muse

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I have always been a plus sized person. I wore women's sized clothing by the time that I was in middle school and wasn't able to shop at any of the cool stores at the mall that my friends frequented. There was no such things as plus sized fashion, plus sized models, or representation of anyone that was not white and cisgendered in the media. It was nearly impossible to find anyone in the spotlight that looked anything like myself. Thankfully, women like Detroit plus sized fashion blogger, model, speaker, and writer Leah V. are working hard to finally change that. 

She is self described as "fat, Black, and unapologetic" and she is inspiring as hell. The blogger, model, traveling speaker, and panel member is changing the way that the world views black Muslim women while reclaiming the word fat. She is also living her life out in the open and sharing all of her victories and struggles with her followers. Leah is boldly making some people face some of their biggest misconceptions by simply living her best, most honest life out loud with no apologies. There is no topic too taboo for Leah to embrace on her blog, Beauty and the Muse, where she features stunning photos of herself that redefines what it means to be stylish and beautiful, alongside in depth thoughts about her personal experiences. 

This month, she will be sitting down with to discuss how she became the strong, beautiful, hardworking feminist that she is today. You can tune in live to hear us discuss what inspired Leah to choose to embrace her body and become a body positive activist. The show will broadcast live from at 6 p.m. on April 29th. We never know what studio we will be broadcasting form until we get there, so make sure that you are following us on Instagram so  you can see what studio to tune into that day. If you have any questions that you would like us to ask Leah, make sure you send them to before the 14th! Don't forget, you can re-listen to all of our past podcasts by clicking the link here.


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