Friday, December 8, 2017

Support Suck It Suicide By Downloading this Holiday Tune!

Suck It Suicide is one of our favorite non-profits in the Detroit area. Its goal is, "to prevent suicide through education, advocacy, and support; with a special interest in suicide survivors support and fundraising for families suffering from the loss of a loved one from suicide." The founder, Kate Hardy, is one of the most positive, caring, and inspiring people that we have ever met. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. Her and her crew's work has helped to change the stigma surrounding suicide and get our community talking more about this issue and mental illness. They have helped to give us all the strength to reach out and to support one another. 

It's pretty obvious that we are big fans of Suck It Suicide and we aren't the only ones! A group of musicians called the Detroit Riddim Crew want to show their support for this organization. This holiday season they are releasing holiday songs that you can purchase through bandcamp and the proceeds will go to Suck It Suicide. The group includes, Eric Abbey, Paul Loos, Eric M., Chrissy Morgan, Liz Fornal Mackinder, and Steve Kachnowski. The first song, "What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas", was release this morning. You can check it out below and then please click the link to purchase the song, and by doing so you will donate $5 to Suck It Suicide.

We all know that as joyous as this time of year can be for some, it's the exact opposite for others. The holiday season can be super stressful and super lonely sometimes. Love one another, reach out to those around you, and if you need help or are down, talk to someone. Each and every one of us matters.

Thanks to Suck It Suicide for all of the awesome work that they do in our community and shout out to the Detroit Riddim Crew for this awesome move and tune.


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