Monday, December 18, 2017

CVRSES Pop Up Bar Comes to Ferndale

Ferndale is known for its eclectic restaurants and variety of bars.  They have breweries, cocktail bars, sports bars and even a few meaderies, but until now they never had a place that your average goth could feel welcome. They needed a dimly lit space for dark dwellers like myself to feel welcome and thanks to the city's newest pop-up bar Cvrses, there is finally a place for the dark-hearted to share a drink with friends on a Friday night.

Cvrses is the newest addition to the WAB empire, which includes The Loving Touch, The Emory and Port. It is a temporary drinking experience that features a very curated list of cocktails created by Kevin Hickner, a well known mixologist and musician who decided that he wanted to give the city a little something different. He created a simplified menu that features a variety of classic cocktails with a personal twist. This pop up also features a variety of WAB beers that have been cooked up by the breweries newest mix master, Chris Coburn. If you haven't had the WAB's beer in the last two years, we suggest taking the time to stop in and give it a try. They have completely changed the way that they are doing things over there and people are giving it rave reviews!
The windows are covered with curtains, the lights are all red, and the decor is one simple skull hanging on the wall behind the bar. The music is heavy and dark and the cocktails are reasonably priced and really tasty. The entire room also smells heavily of incense, which only ads to the ambiance of the space.
This is going to be your favorite place to grab a fancy drink for the next few months so make sure to take advantage of it while it's around! The bar will be open from 6 p.m. until Midnight Thursday through Saturday for the time being. Eventually, they may add Sundays into the mix, but for now it will only be open those three days. It is tentatively scheduled to be up through April when the patio reopens for the summer.



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    1. Cvrses is located in the lower level of the WAB in Ferndale at 22646 Woodward Ave. When you enter the WAB, turn right instead of going up the stairs.