Friday, December 1, 2017

Get Your Favorite Food Delivered to Your Door with UberEATS

If you are craving food from your favorite restaurant but don't want to leave home, life just got a little bit easier! Uber Eats just launched in Detroit this week! This new service can easily be utilized by using the Uber Eats app, which is free to download. The idea is simple. Just as Uber picks you up and takes you to your desired location, UberEATS will pick up your food and bring it to you!

Some of the restaurants that you can order from on the app include Dilla’s Delights, Olga’s, Andiamo, Hot Taco, and Kerby’s Koney Island. You can check out the menu on the app, order your items, and then watch as the driver picks up and delivers your food.

If you would like to give UberEATS a try for yourself you can try your first two orders with free delivery by using the code DETROITEATS. The code is good through December 14th. So now you can order your favorite food and you don't even have to put pants on! Well, you might want to at least cover up before the delivery person gets to your door, but that's your call.


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