Thursday, August 10, 2017

Catch Foster Muldoon, Jerry Dreams, James Linck and Ancient Language at The Korner Bar Saturday

Whenever I'm watching a live show I find my eyes drifting away from the stage and into the crowd. I have always been as fascinated by the people at the show as the show itself. Whenever I met someone new at a show I ask them the same questions. Who are you? Where are you from, and what brought you out tonight? I love to find out what motivates someone to get dressed to come out and spend their hard earned money on watching a live performance. Everyone has their own reasons for coming out to each show but my favorite answer is the most simple, I love when people say "I'm a fan of.... ". Being a fan is one of the coolest things in the world. Fans come out to your shows and dance, they buy an album before they leave, and they tell twenty friends about you over the next week. They are your biggest fans and allies, and contrary to popular belief, real passionate fans are hard to come by.

Which is why local music fan Michael Sondheimer stood out when I met him. His passion for music is palatable. If he believes in you and what you are doing he will be at your show, with his friends cheering you on every time you play. He is a vital piece of the local music scene, so it's only natural that he takes his power of positivity and persuasion to the next level and put together his first show. That's right, Michael has stepped up to the plate and put together a pretty tasty little lineup at The Korner Bar in Hamtramck for this Saturday. Foster Muldoon will be releasing their latest single alongside Jerry Dreams, Ancient Language and the artist himself, Mr. James Linck. It's going to be a killer show, but you don't need to hear that from us. Instead, we checked in with Mike about the show and the lineup. Check out what he has to say about the show and then come out to the Korner Bar at 8 p.m. this Saturday, August 12th to support Michael's first show!

HID- Tell us why you chose this lineup for the show?
Michael- "This lineup is very special to me. Before I go into detail, I just want to give a quick back story. This show is an EP release show for Foster Muldoon. My absolute best friend in the whole world, Abigail Grace, plays viola in Foster Muldoon. I asked them if I could put together an release show for their EP. I have never put together a show of any sort, but being that I try to keep myself involved and support the local scene as much as possible, I thought I would give it a shot.

In regards to the lineup itself:
Ancient Language: The Jarvis Brothers (Chris and Zach) have always been very special to me. The first time I saw Ancient Language was at the 2015 Hamtramck Music Fest. I had heard of Ancient Language (being familiar with the Detroit music collective known as “#CoOwnaz”) but I had never listened to them before. All I can say about that experience was that I had never seen a band push the limits of reality as far as they did. They redefined face-melting as we know it. 2 years later, they are still pushing those lines to a whole new presence . With the addition of Matthew Bayer, who exposes human consciousness through a voice that makes angels blush, and Abigail Grace, who searches deep into the soul with profound viola strumming, Ancient Language is not to be missed.

Jerry Dreams: When I think of Kevin Kline, the lead singer and head of Jerry Dreams, I think of the Aurora Borealis (commonly known as the Northern Lights) in Iceland. The awe of these extraterrestrial lights shining the skies in a performance that has left centuries of human life in utter astonishment. Kevin Kline confides his audience with the same level of mystery and excitement. His voice and performance shines a light on the audience that allots them with questions about their own existence. With deep soul cutting guitar riffs and a band that will surely illuminate your mind, Jerry Dreams will melt faces.

James Linck: Its JAMES F-ing LINCK. What is there to say. This man is the whole reason why I live and breathe music. When I was given this opportunity to put the show together, the first thing I said to myself “I don’t care what it takes, JAMES LINCK WILL BE HERE”. I bought him a plane ticket the next day. James, and his bassist Ricky Ruggero, have truly re-shaped the music scene as we know it. James is truest definition of an artist. With every song and beat he throws down, you can feel the sweat and sacrifices he’s put into his work. When you dance with James and Ricky, you aren’t just dancing to the music…. your dancing your demons back to hell."

HID- Tell us why you chose this venue?
Michael- "What I love about this music scene is how everyone works together. It doesn’t matter what band your in, who’s show your promoting, everyone is so open. When Foster Muldoon was looking for a venue to put this show on, they wanted to make sure they knew all their options. While on the search for the perfect venue, I received a message from my good friends Michael O’Brian (Five Pound Snap) and Shannon Barnes (White Bee). They were put in charge of booking events for the brand new Korner Bar in Hamtramck. I had not heard of nor been to the Korner Bar before that, however they went into detail about all the new renovations. What I love about Hamtramck is the accessibility of the city. Parking is not too bad, everything is walking distance from each other. In all honesty, it’s the perfect city for a show. And being that this is a new bar, it would be amazing to have this special of a lineup perform there."

HID- Whats special about live music in your opinion?
Michael- "There are two things I find so special about live music: connecting and experience.
Connectivity: I have met some of the coolest people I know at live shows. Not just in the audience, but on stage as well. There are so many musicians that I have met that are the most down to earth people I’ve ever known. When I get the time, I want to spend more time hanging out with these people outside of shows.
Experience: This is where the “face melting” begins. When you’re in a room where the artists are playing like there’s no tomorrow, the audience is completely in sync with the moment, and you have escaped from the chains of reality… that is when your face truly melts. I find live shows to be so therapeutic when these three elements meet. Face melting isn’t about taking drugs or paying $500 on stubhub from a spineless scalper to see a show at the palace from a nose bleed seat…. No. Face Melting is a way of life."

~S .  

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