Friday, March 10, 2017

Help Make Live Ferndale Radio a Reality

Ferndale is one of our favorite suburbs of Metro Detroit. The downtown features an eclectic mix of stores including Green Daffodil, Found Sound, and Blumz by JRDesgins. You can get your vegan beauty on over at Rouge Makeup and Nail Studio and have a great meal at one of the city's amazing restaurants, like Imperial, The Emory, Zeke's Rock and Roll BBQ, Anita's Kitchen, Otus Supply and Pop's For Italian. Throughout the year some of the best festivals take place in the streets of Ferngully, this includes D.I.Y, Pig and Whiskey and Ferndale Pride. They have free movie nights on Vester Street, and lots of family events throughout the year. They also have one of the coolest libraries in the U.S.! So, it's not surprising that somebody decided that this hip little city needs its own radio station.

A small group of local residents are dedicated to launching a small community focused radio station that will broadcast out of The Rust Belt Market by August of 2017. They have already filed for their license and been approved, now they need the money to buy the tower to broadcast live on weekends from The Belt. The station will focus on local news and play music from smaller local acts that aren't featured on bigger stations (yet).  

To raise money they have put together a good old fashioned benefit show at The Loving Touch this Sunday, March 12th. The benefit show features a electic lineup, including Anthony Retka MusicKate, Hinote & The DisastersDear DarknessBueno No BuenOld Empire and The Bruised Reed. They are asking for a $5 donation at the door, but feel free to give more! We had a chance to ask the President of the movement a few questions about the project. Check out what she has to say and consider donating to a very good cause! 

HID- Why does Ferndale need a community radio station?

Michelle Mirowski (president)- "Ferndale is probably the most unique community in Michigan. It deserves a radio station that caters to that uniqueness and diversity. It deserves a unique voice."

HID- What kind of shows will the station feature?
MM- "Everything from college rock to local bands to hyper local news focusing on the city. We have a myriad of thoughts on possible shows (an on-air book club, old-timey radio dramas, geek culture and local comedy hours come to mind) but we won't have a definitive schedule until we launch. But the possibilities are endless!"

HID- Where will the shows be broadcast from?
MM- "We have partnered with Rust Belt Market for studio, transmitter and antenna space. Come say "Hi" once we're up and running!"

HID- When will the radio station start broadcasting?
MM- "We are required to be on the air by the end of August or else we lose our FCC license. If all goes well, we'll meet that deadline with time to spare."

HID- How did you choose the lineup for this weekend's benefit show?
Alan (benefit organizer)- "The lineup for the show was decided on the friendship of myself and the radio station staff. It was important to all of us we put together a lineup of bands that represent the station and the community where this station will be broadcast from. I couldn't be happier and more appreciative of everybody playing. I am excited to see this show! "

Doors for this show/benefit open at 2:30 p.m. this Sunday!


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