Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Hip Chat With Five Pound Snap + A Ticket Giveaway

Album release shows are always a big deal for any band. It's a chance to release a new set of music and it's a fun way to get all of your fans to gather for a special show. Five Pound Snap is releasing their latest album White Birch Lakes at Plav Post this Saturday, March 25th. They have recruited The Kickstand Band, Market and Gray/Bliss to play the show and Martez will be DJing in between the bands to keep the night moving.

We had a chance to chat with Mike O'Brien about the new album and the release show. Check out what he has to say and buy your ticket to the show in advance to save a few dollars! Or, take your chances and enter to win a pair of tickets to the show courtesy of the band. If you would like to enter to win, please email your full name to with the subject line #snap. We will draw two lucky people on Saturday morning and those two winners will get to attend the show for free with a friend.

HID- When and where did you record your latest album White Birch Lakes?
Mike O'Brien- "We started recording the album in early September at our drummer's Grandfather's cottage in the woods about 3 hours north of Detroit. Most of the tracking was done there, and we finished up the loose ends at my home studio. The album was finished in mid February."

HID- What is your favorite track on the album and why? 
Mike O'Brien- "I think my favorite track on the album is the second single "Lady Gets High". I feel it accurately represents where we intend to take our sound in the future, and I'm really happy with the quality of the recording. It also features our buddy Goode ripping a bari-sax solo at the end, and that really tied the whole thing together."

HID- Why did you decide to host your album release part at the Plav Post?
Mike O'Brien- "We spent quite a while choosing a space to have the release (we wanted to pick a place that bands don't typically have shows at locally), and PLAV just felt right. Good sized room, nice stage, good community feel....and Hamtramck has ALWAYS been so great to Five Pound Snap, so we felt like it would be the best choice for our debut release party."

HID- Why did you pick The Kickstand Band, Market, and Gray/Bliss music to play the show with you?

Mike O'Brien- "We wanted to pick a lineup with a bunch of our friends obviously, but also a lineup with musical variety. Kickstand Band were one of the first bands I saw when I started going to shows in Detroit, and oddly enough we've never shared a bill with them. They've always been very supportive and make some of the most infectious music around, so I'm very stoked to have them. We played a house party in Southwest with Market when they were just starting out, and they instantly blew me away. "Wagon Wheel" has been the soundtrack of my life since 2015, and I can't say I enjoy watching another local group perform live more than them. And I'm so glad Gray/Bliss hopped on the show! Nick Sapounas writes some of the most interesting experimental pop, and those guys are always a blast to play shows with. Very laid back but constantly inspirational to watch them jam."

HID-Your latest band photos feature all of you in a pool, whose pool is it? 
Mike O'Brien- "Over the summer, Gwen was house-sitting for a family in Royal Oak, and they have this beautiful pool in their backyard. We were all hanging out there every day swimming and drinking beers, so we figured it would be a chill place to do a shoot. We called up our friend Megan Lacroix to do the shoot, and it turned out great!"

HID- We love the cover of the new album, who designed it?
Mike O'Brien- "The cover was a collaboration between us and or friend TJ Tekip. We provided the art and he did the editing/photoshop business. The windows on the cover are the windows on the top floor of the house where we recorded the album. Our keyboard player Scott took a picture with his phone when he woke up one day, and we all loved the way it looked."

HID- What summer activity are you most looking forward to
Mike O'Brien- "We're looking forward to hitting the road again in May and July! And also swimming, beers, playing volleyball on one of our front lawns, and checking out a bunch of great shows coming to town this summer!"


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